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Ever wondered how “xoxo” came to mean hugs & kisses? No, it’s not just meaningless high school babble. Some say, the ‘x’ represents the four lips locked in a smooch and the ‘o’ is the form created when four arms meet in a loving embrace; while some counter that the ‘x’ is the crossed arms of a hug and ‘o’ is the puckered lips of a kiss.

This calendar is already the 7th in the annual W@W Desktop Gallery series. Amazingly, the photographs you’ll see in the following pages were collated within just a week. After all, experienced wedding photographers, like the twelve pros we are featuring here, have hundreds of images of couples hugging and kissing. Indeed, a wedding shoot is a perfect excuse for public displays of affection!

And however “xoxo” came to be, both of us here at WeddingsAtWork.com wish you much hugs & kisses this Season and all the best in the coming year!


If you are a wedding photographer and wish to be included in the next year’s calendar, please contact: 0917.850.1026 (Benz) or email: mail@WeddingsAtWork.com


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