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2002 –[email protected] was one of the six in Loyola.com’s Featured Sites.

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“Welcome to the age of digital brides where wedding planning and preparations need no longer be as stressful as what our mothers and grandmothers used to experience. WeddingsAtWork is a website that features stories, tips, and even directories of wedding suppliers. It’s most popular feature, however, is the community of brides and grooms who share their planning experiences and compare notes. If you want to find out the latest trends, the cheapest suppliers, the most breathtaking venues, and other details involved in taking that big leap, WeddingsAtWork is the place to go. Best of all, it’s free. “

November 2001–[email protected] was named “Cool Pinoy Site” for the entire month by the kind people from dPinoyWeb.

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August 3, 2001–[email protected] has been accorded with the 2001-2002 Golden Web Award in recognition of creativity, integrity and excellence on the Web. This award is being presented by the International Association of Web Masters & Designers (I.A.W.M.D.)

June 2001–[email protected] garnered four stars out of five in Okasyon.com’s ‘Wedding Sparkles’ feature.
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“One of the best parts in this website are the Filipino rituals and traditions observed before and during a marriage, such as the Pamamanhikan and the giving of eggs to Santa Clara. A big plus are their listing of Philippine Laws and Legal Requirements for Marriage, as well as the Family Code, General Church Wedding Requirements, and Driving and Traffic tips for Metro Weddings (definitely worth checking out). Personally, I’m waiting until their new topic goes live on their site – underwater weddings done pinoy-style!”–Kit Uychoco, Okasyon.com

February 2, 2001–[email protected] has been chosen to receive The-Wedding-Planner.com’s Business/Planning Wedding Site Award

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July 2000–[email protected] has been rated (very good) out of within the Wedding Traditions & Themes Web sites reviewed by GO.com.

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“Complete guide to Philippine Weddings: customs, traditions, superstitions and humor about a wedding in the Philippines. Covered: legal requirements for a Philippines marriage, driving tips and pre-wedding traditions.” –Wellskin, Go Guide

June 29, 2000–aOnline’s (the Asian American Digital Network) “Rituals of Bliss”, a special feature on Asian Wedding Traditions, mentioned [email protected] as the recommended link in Filipino weddings.
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[email protected] has a great listing of wedding professionals as well as cultural information and library resources.” –Shu Shu Costa, author, Wild Geese and Tea: An Asian-American Wedding Planner

June 1, 2000–[email protected] has been listed in Yahoo! (world’s No. 1 portal/website) directory and searchable archives.
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“Resource on the Filipino kasalan. Also features traditions and customs, marriage law, a directory of local wedding-related businesses.” –The Yahoo! Team

May 22, 2000–Wedding sites have been featured in Yehey! Site Reviews section and [email protected] landed on the top of the list.
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“This is a cool site to go to…If you want the World Wide Web to know about your upcoming wedding, this is the place to go to because you can announce your wedding online…for FREE! Cool huh? Other questions about your wedding can be answered by wedding professionals through this site. I found this site quite appealing, any woman can feel very special once she visits this site.”
–Pia Rogel, Website Reviewer, Yehey! & The WEB Phils.

May 09, 2000–[email protected] has been accorded the ‘Stamp of Website Excellence’ by USBridalGuide.com.
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“Congratulations! USBridalGuide.com, our editors and staff have recognized your site as one of the best on the web within your category. We believe that your site would provide great value to our USBridalGuide.com users!” –[email protected]

April 17, 2000–[email protected] has chosen as the ‘Feature Link of the Week’ from April 12 to 23 in Bagong Pinay website (NewFilipina.com).
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“Ladies, for those of you getting ready for your wedding, here is a site on preparing for Filipino style weddings. Another site by a Filipina that we are proud to have found.”
–Perla Daly, Founder/Site Director/Web Editor, Bagong Pinay (NewFilipina.com)

February 10, 2000–[email protected] has been chosen as one of the “Editor’s Choice” by Orientation Philippines–a Gateway to the Philippines on the Web.
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“I wanted to look at a wedding site, so I got this. I found it under the Entrepinoy site. Upon my visit, I was expecting romantic flowery words rather than the blithe and amusing ones that greeted me. But come to think of it, weddings are celebrations! Why not set a festive mood? And going through will certainly prove most enjoyable for couples-to-be (or for those who simply love anything related to the wedding bells). It provides a lot of useful and entertaining information. They have a directory of wedding essentials, as well as a to-do checklist. Plus, there’s a chat group for those who might be interested on getting ideas from other sources. So, you need help in planning your wedding? Go visit this site!”
–Grace Camacho, Editor, Orientation Philippines.


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