[email protected] Media Exposure: Television & Radio

segment: the Rituals Bridal Fair Exhibitor
show: Unlimited Engagement
date aired: March 27, 1999

feature synopsis: A short clip on [email protected] taken on its formal launching at the Rituals bridal fair held at the Grand Ballroom of the Dusit Hotel.

segment: WeddingsAtWork.com feature
show: Unlimited Engagement
date aired: July 24, 1999

feature synopsis: A full feature about [email protected] The segment includes interviews with an altar-bound [email protected] (Joie) and US-based [email protected] (Alb & Faye).

* * *

topic: MARRY Month of December, Part 2
show: WO!
date aired: December 9, 2000

show synopsis: DJ Auey (a [email protected]!) & DJ Peachie talked with another [email protected] (Pepel) on air via phone patch to ask about her wedding plans. [email protected] was also featured in their Cyber Highlights portion. During the broadcast, [email protected] hosted a simultaneous online chat participated in by DJ Auey together with the other [email protected]

* * *

segment: Online.Weddings
show: Digital Tour
date aired: February 27, 2001

feature synopsis: An entire segment about [email protected] and online wedding planning in general. It was participated in by some [email protected] (Sharie, Jaz, Tweet & Karmina). Wedding professionals – Nona Clemente (wedding coordinator) & Jason Magbanua, (videographer) – were also interviewed and imparted how wedding websites, such as [email protected], help their business.

* * *

episode: Wedding Special
show: Extra Extra
date aired: June 14, 2001

feature synopsis: An entire segment on wedding planners and wedding singers. [email protected] was presented in the feature as the alternative ‘wedding planner’ for the busy Filipina brides.

* * *

topic: June: A Month of Weddings
show: Speak Easy: PinoyExchange Live on the Hive
date aired: June 19, 2001

show synopsis: DJ Bing & DJ ChiQui served as moderators in an interview participated in by a panel of guests with [email protected] together with Peaches Go (wedding planner), Anna Garamendi (Style Editor, GetAsia.com.ph) and PExers Ada, PJ and Vic (an altar-bound PExer). It was an hour-long, fun and lively discussion with the guests answering listeners questions sent through text and internet (via PinoyExchange.com’s forum & chat).

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