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Welcome to the pilot episode of W@W Chat – The WeddingsAtWork.com Podcast!


What’s a podcast?  Basically it’s talk radio on the internet except that the audio content is downloaded instead of streamed live.

Why a podcast?  Benz is a fan of travel podcasts.  She’s one person who has kept her classic iPod for such contents while the one in her phone remain underutilized.  For my part, I (with my neighbor and scooter buddy, Mark Laccay) conceptualized and hosted Pinoy Scooter Podcast (about scooter riding in the Philippines).  It’s actually thru Mark’s technical assistance that we were finally able to push trough with W@W’s very own podcast.

about this podcast:  From the get-go, Benz & I wanted the show’s feel to be very casual.  No set questions nor cue cards.  More like the way we’d chat with friends, say, over coffee.  Listening to an episode would feel like eavesdropping to other people’s conversation, only with consent. ;)You may listen to on your computer by clicking ? (play) in the embedded audio player below.  You may also right-click this link to save the MP3 and put it in your iPod. You may also subscribe to W@W Chat via iTunes to automatically download our latest episodes . :)

about this episode: Since it’s our first time, Benz & I thought of inviting someone whom we are both very comfortable with as our guest. A willing guinea pig if you may.  Since we’ve known the partners in Threelogy Video (Bong, CJ & Jon) way before we were all in the wedding industry, they were the most obvious choice.This was recorded in our house so our apologies for any ambient noise you may hear (i.e. our baby crying. hehe) while we were all chatting.  That’s how casual it gets! 😉

We hope you enjoy our very first episode. Happy listening! :)


  1. Mae

    This is something that I will definitely follow and look forward :) really nice for first attempt :)

  2. Ronaldium

    I enjoyed listening to every part of it. Thanks a lot! God Bless WeddingsAtWork!

  3. Maria Chug

    it’s the 1st time i listened to something this long na hindi ako na bore! highly entertaining!!! looking forward to the next ones! =)

  4. Nona Clemente

    finally had the chance to listen to the pilot podcast…super fun!!! Threelogy, napatawa nyo ko!!!! Panalo!

    John and Benz, ayos ‘to! parang kwentong kalye lang! I am enjoying it super! :)

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