Most probably the last time you heard 101 was back in college. Well, dear brides (and grooms), get your notebooks and pens out because wedding school is about to start. Don’t fret because this is going to be fun. We’re playing mythbusters here and bringing down the intricate to downright simple, topic by topic. This collection of information is your proverbial ball of yarn as you enter the wedding labyrinth.

Officiants 101

Ceremony 101

Reception Venues 101

Banquet Service

Reception Time

Cake 101

Icing 101

Photography 101

Videography 101

AVP 101

Planners and Coordinators

Parts of an Invitation


Entourage 101

Entertainment 101

Hairstyle 101 + Hairpieces

Groom Outfit 101




Kinds of Bouquet


Make Up


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