When it comes to detailing your wedding preps, WaW has got you covered with our unique list of products.

Unity Coins

WaW’s most popular wedding must-haves, the WaW Unity Coins are specially designed to add meaningful bling to your wedding. A modern upgrade to the traditional arrhae, each set comes with 13 coins representing the 13 tenets of marriage: love, harmony, cooperation, commitment, peace, happiness, trust, caring, wisdom, joy, wholeness and nurturing. These coins not only add the sparkle to your wedding day but can also become a family heirloom. Available in gold, silver or 2-toned. To get WaW Unity Coins, visit http://www.tackthis.com/shop/6251.

Wedding Primer

Every year WaW publishes the Wedding Primer, a soft-bound booklet that fits comfortably into your bag. Touted by WaWies as their wedding preps bible, the Wedding Primer contains extensive and valuable information every bride needs to prepare her for her walk down the aisle. The Wedding Primer is an easy read and promises countless well-thumbed and dog-eared pages as your get going with your wedding preps. Get you copy here: http://www.tackthis.com/shop/6251

Wedding Yellow Pages

WaW has perfected the age-old adage of letting fingers do the walking with the WaW Yellow Pages. Another annual publication of WaW, the Yellow Pages is the mecca of wedding directories, bursting with contact details of wedding suppliers from all parts of the Philippines. The Yellow Pages is the only map you will need to navigate the roads to your big day at the altar. Get your copy here: http://www.tackthis.com/shop/6251.

My Little Kan Chiu Book

A mini guide book for Chinese-Filipino couples, this pocket-sized publication comes loaded with valuable information on how to prepare for the a Chinese wedding in the Philippines such as ting hun,ke tseng, chia te and other customs and rituals. To get you copy, go to http://www.tackthis.com/shop/6251.

[email protected] Desktop Calendar

For twelve months of the year it’s all about the love, love and more love with the WaW Desktop Calendar. Each year the WaW Calendar features the works of 12 of the Philippines’ finest photographers. So as the far wedding bliss is concerned, WaW has got you covered year round. To get your copy, click here http://www.tackthis.com/shop/6251.