WaWparazzi: Luis Alandy and Joselle Fernandez Wedding

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February 17, 2017
Two Gardens Tagaytay

Things I loved about this wedding :

– The venue is breathtaking, with the lush greens and beautifully decorated by Gideon Hermosa. It couldn’t get more romantic than that!

– The beautiful romantic gown of the bride, Joselle, made by Jazel Sy. It was a very feminine and flattering cut, with the French lace that made the gown soft and just so pretty.

– How the rain stopped just when the wedding was starting. God’s hand was really felt all throughout.

– The beautiful rustic setting at the reception area with touches of “The Notebook” inspired prenuptial shoot. This was seen in the kind of guestbook made by Niceprint + the boat gallery of prenuptial photos. Simply wow!

– The handwritten note/ vow of Luis Alandy. When this was posted, everyone loved how sweet the message was plus how beautiful his handwriting is!

– Their sweet gifts for each other. Luis gave Joselle a complete series of TV show Friends, which happened to be Joselle’s all time favorite. Joselle, on the other hand, gave Luis a surprise painting she made herself. Such a sweet act isn’t it?

– The simplicity of the cake – naked, effortless and just simply pretty. Made by Bethany Dream Cakes adorned sparsely with fresh flowers by Gideon Hermosa.

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