WaWparazzi: Lloyd Birchmore and Valerie Bangs Garcia Nuptials

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The wedding was held last January 24, 2017 in Asya Premiere, Boracay.

Lloyd and Bangs met in the beautiful island of Boracay some 2 years ago thus, it’s just a perfect idea to have their wedding in the same island.

The wedding was just full of love. Hearing their vows, what struck me most was:

Lloydi: “I love you more than the distance that separates us.
I love you more than the arguments ahead of us.
I love you forever.”

The wedding ends their long distance relationship as Lloydi is London-based. Soon after the wedding, Bangs will join him and settle in London.

Valerie and Lloydi suppliers:

  • Boracay weddings by Amanda Tirol
  • Asya Premiere boracay
  • Jazel Sy (gown 2)
  • Mariah Santos Make Up
  • Arvin Santos Hair
  • Teddy Manuel Bridal Bouquet
  • Print Divas Invitations
  • Niceprint Photo and Video

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