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Editor’s Note: Love month is here! As we all know, February does not only bring in a wave of candy hearts and chocolate kisses, it’s also a season for romance and wedding proposals!

So we asked some of our [email protected] to share with us their fondest AND FUNNIEST wedding proposal stories. Enjoy!

Nothing gives a girl butterflies in her stomach as much as the anticipation of a proposal that could happen any time.

When you have been with your boyfriend for a lot of years and at the stage where marriage have been discussed, it is not surprising to find these women practice what they’re going to say or how they’re going to react once their boyfriends go down on their knees and pop the question.

That’s why we get giddy on every possible event that it could happen. Will he propose? Is it tonight? Will it happen today? Here are some of the funny Hopia stories. Apparently there are plenty of them.

Sometime in mid-2014, my boyfriend shared a story to me about how they were teasing one of the girls in their high school barkada that her boyfriend will propose to her during their trip to the US,” shares Bianca Rae Danao. “Apparently, it will be their first time in the US.”

She continues, “During that time, we had a trip planned for October for Bali. It will be our first vacation outside of the Philippines. I suddenly had this feeling that Bali might be “it” for us. In May last year, I lost a ring in a hotel in Baguio. I had this crazy idea that maybe he was keeping it and using it to buy me an engagement ring. Feel ko talaga Bali na.”

Her excitement continued to build that Bianca made sure she brought the right outfits to go with it. “We were vacationing with another couple friend, so may kukuha ng picture if ever, haha!” She laughs.

March 2015 (El Nido, Palawan). We were in El Nido for our 4th anniversary this year. Before that, medyo tinatanong-tanong ko na siya about engagements, and one time, I even asked him when he’ll propose, and he smiled and said, “Soon.” El Nido made sense kasi it was our anniversary. Also, I just felt like Gerald is not the type who’ll just propose in an ordinary place, but I also know he won’t go through anything that will require extensive planning – nothing like the flash mob types. So El Nido seem to fit the bill.

June 19, 2015 (Tinyan-Chamantad Viewpoint, Sabtang, Batanes). Somewhere along the Tinyan-Chamantad Viewpoint, while I stopped to catch my breath, I looked around the rolling hills around me. It was so calming, and then suddenly, I remembered the proposal and I panicked! My heart raced and a voice in my head kept on shouting, “Oh no sana wag dito! Ang daming tao nakakahiya!” Sobrang na-stress ako! Hahaha! And then Gerald led me to the rock – one of the spots in the view point where people go to take photos. Sobra kong kinabahan! I was thinking hindi ko kakayanin pag bigla na lang lumuhod dito si Yayay!! Well, to my relief (and disappointment – I can’t seem to make up my mind about this engagement: gusto ko ba talaga o hinde??) he didn’t propose that day.”

“I really wanted it to happen in a beautiful place and have someone take a photo while it’s happening with the view in the background,” Bianca continues. “I got the beautiful view, but not the photo. Sobrang na-dyahe yung fiance ko at pinaalis niya si manong tour guide namin before he proposed. It was alright, though, kasi I don’t think either of us will ever forget the proposal even without a photo.”

How about misunderstanding a romantic gesture as “the moment”? We’ve got those stories, too!

“…’eto talaga nangyari sa amin. Anniversary namin,” Leslie Ann Alcala says. “Di ko lang tanda pang-ilang year naming anniversary. We had our dinner date. Then s’yempre exchange gift. Gosh ang gift niya couple ring! In-assume ko na “proposal” na yun kasi nga ring ang gift niya. Tapos bigla siya napaisip. Hindi niya alam paano sasabihin sa akin na hindi pa ‘yun proposal.”

“Tapos bigla siya napaisip. Hindi niya alam paano sasabihin sa akin na hindi pa yun proposal. Dahil kilala ko na siya for so long, kahit wala siya sinasabi alam ko na may iniisip siya. So kakausisa ayun sinabi din niya na hindi pa naman yun proposal. Couple ring lang”

Leslie continues, “S’yempre na-disappoint ako. Parang nag-away/nagtalo pa kami while having our dinner date. Hahaha! Lesson learned. ‘Wag assumera hahaha!”

“But, eventually (Mimma), after the couple ring, wedding ring na ang sunod. He did not propose to me na. He “proposed” to my parents bago siya umalis nun papuntang Dubai para magwork. He told them after a year, he will marry me na,” Leslie shares.


“Nagpropose din naman on the same day but hindi lang sa way na ine-expect ko,” Gem Alvarez-Andalajao started.

Nag book ako ng trip to Puerto Princesa for our 6th anniv as bf-gf last July 2014. Ine-expect ko talaga na magpo-propose siya sa trip na ‘yun.

Then nung 12AM ng anniv namin, ginising ko siya. Binati ko ng “happy anniversary”. Ine-expect ko 12AM siya magpopropose. Ganun kasi siya, siya lagi nauuna na babati tuwing 12AM ng monthsary/anniv…but, walang proposal na naganap!

Ang itinerary namin for that day is underground river so inisip ko baka dun siya magpropose. Hapon na wala pa ding proposal.

Sumuko na akong mag-expect. Inisip ko na lang baka sa birthday ko sa August.

Then dinner time na, nagpareserve ako ng table sa KaLui, isa sa top resto sa Puerto. Ang ganda ng ambiance. Nag-expect ulit ako na baka “this is it!”

But sad to say, wala pa din. We went back to the hotel na. Sa isip ko, baka sa birthday ko na talaga.

Dahil sa Sobrang busog, I ordered coffee pagbalik ng hotel para matunawan. Habang nasa kubo kami at umiinom ako ng kape at nagyoyosi sia, he proposed… Sobrang iyak ko kasi di ko na ine-expect na magpopropose siya ng time na yun.”

Great expectations!
“Year 2014 when we started talking about wedding. Lagi ko kasing nakikita sa feeds ko sa fb about proposal so im teasing him all the time when he will propose…so 5 years na kami that time,” admits Gem. “Ang expected ko lang talaga na time na magpo-propose siya is yung trip namin sa Palawan.. Kasi it’s our 6th anniversary kaya talaga nag-expect ako.”

Leslie continues, “Hindi kasi mahilig si hubby mag-surprise. He’ll always ask me, ano’ng gusto kong gift sa kahit na ano’ng event na dumarating sa life namin. Then ‘yun nga,nung anniversary namin (either 6th or 7th year anniversary), he said may surprise siya sa akin. Tapos when we met na hindi pa niya binibigay yung couple ring, medyo tensed at excited siya. So I thought, this is it. Yahoo! Finally! Hahaha!”

Bianca, on the other hand, says that she anticipated her boyfriend to propose after dating for more than three years.

Asked on whether their fiancés ever found out that they were expecting to be proposed to, Bianca answers, “He only found out about it after we got engaged. Kasi I was chatting with my friend over Facebook and kinwento ko sa kanya all my expectations tapos sabi niya, “Eh hopia monggo ka pala eh!” Kinwento ko kay Gerald (her boyfriend) ‘yung sinabi ng friend ko at tawang-tawa siya. Lalo siyang tawang-tawa when he read the exact details when I blogged about it.”
“Yes,” Gem replies. “After he proposed, nak’wento ko sa kanya ‘yung mga times na ine-expect ko na magpo-propose siya.. Like yung 12am, underground and dinner namin.”

Yes,” Leslie laughs. “Kaya nga bigla siya natahimik at na-pressure. Kasi hindi niya expected na in-expect ko na, hahaha! At nagkatampuhan pa kami. Kasi nga emotera na ‘ko dahil disappointed. Haha.”

No regrets!

We wondered if any of our [email protected] felt that they would have enjoyed the trips more if they did not anticipate a proposal. All of them said “no.”

According to Bianca, “For me, okay lang na umasa ako. It makes for funny stories, haha!”

” says Leslie. “Pero saglit lang na na-ruin at hindi ‘yung date. Yung mood. But it gives way kasi na makapag-talk kami ng plans namin sa aming relationship. Mas naging okay kasi nga napag-usapan over dinner ‘yung mga goals, plans, or expectations. Mas naging clear ang lahat.”

Tips for Hopias and Assumeras
As usual, we asked our [email protected] for tips to share to women who are hoping (or even expecting) a proposal anytime soon; and here’s what they have to say about it:

“Don’t feel too bad about your umaasa stage kasi nakakatawa sila pag-usapan after you get engaged,” assures Bianca. “Okay lang umasa, but don’t let this get in the way of your relationship, of having fun, and experiencing new things and places with your significant other.”

Gem lightheartedly quips, “Tip to from an officemate: Sabihin mo ang ring size mo para sakto at walang adjustment na kailangan.”

More [email protected] Wedding Proposal Stories

We couldn’t get enough of these memorable Wedding Proposal stories, so instead of just sticking to three, we collected more from our [email protected] to share here.

We’ll be sharing these [email protected] Wedding Proposals in our next posts. For the meantime, here’s a teaser for you:

I never thought na mae-experience ko pa ‘yang mga proposal chenelyn and even wear an engagement ring sa ring finger ko; kasi we’re already married civilly.

Pero on our 3rd year civil wedding anniversary, he did.
The kwento. The usual, we ate out kaso naloka ako kasi every anniversary, we splurge.

Talagang we eat sa mga sosyaling resto kahit na super kurips siya, pero this time sa isang pizzeria lang kami.

I asked pa before going out kung mag-aayos ba ako or what, he said no. So ayun, hindi naman sa nalungkot ako pero syempre minsan lang naman kami makakain ng bongga.

Pero moving on, looking forward nalang ako sa exchange of gifts namin. Pagalingan kasi kami mag-gift.

After dinner, he asked kung saan ko gusto pumunta, sa flyer or sa the gardens by the bay. I said sa flyer, so flyer it is.

Then he started reminiscing. May away pang naganap. Tapos kinuha ko ung bag ko at binigay ung gift ko: Wines in a tube.

And then wala siyang binigay! Naloka ako!

Pero after a few minutes, tumayo siya at pinatayo ako. Nung tumayo ako, lumuhod siya saka bumubunot sa bulsa. Napaupo ako saka kahit di ko pa nakikita ung ibibigay niya, naiyak ako. And then he popped the question na, “Will you marry me again?”” —Rose Amistoso

Want to read more [email protected] Wedding Proposals? Stay tuned for our next blog on WaW Wedding Proposals!

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