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Weddings at Work has always aimed to make wedding planning as easy as possible for brides and grooms. In effort to do just that, we have created the WaW Bridal Fair Online last January 2016, which allowed soon-to-wed to attend a bridal fair in the comfort of their own home. Yes, no need to get out of your pajamas just to gain access to discounts and promos from your favorite wedding suppliers!

When It All Started

When we were planning our wedding, we were one of the first few couples in the country to have a website. Now, every other couple has their own blog, Pinterest board, wedding sites. Things do change! I remember having to meet all our suppliers and paying them in person. There was no way around it – we had to meet with them.

But with the traffic situation now, just thinking of leaving the house might give you a headache (Just think of EDSA and Waze’s red roads!). Besides, now, brides can always communicate with their suppliers through social media, SMS, and what have you’s. Personal meetings are not a must like it used to be. Even down payments can be done online!

So, we thought “Why not take advantage of all this technology and bring the bridal fair online too”?. Thus, the WaW Bridal Fair Online was born!

The WaW Bridal Fair Online

It all started with the First WaW Bridal Fair Online 2016 on January 7 – 9. It was such a huge success that we decided to organize another one, the Second WaW Bridal Fair Online on September 5 – 10 of the same year. The Third WaW Bridal Fair Online was on January 11-13, 2017.


The 4th WaW Bridal Fair Online – June 21 – 23, 2017
The 5th WaW Bridal Fair Online– Nov 29 – Dec 1, 2017

This online fair is so successful because brides and grooms love the fact that they don’t need to panic and impulse book just to get a great deal. They can take days to contemplate, discuss and check out reviews before they book a supplier. Plus, they don’t even have to live near the fair location. They can access the fair from anywhere in the world!

The suppliers love it too because there’s no need to set up, no need to leave their house, hire people to man their booth or even print flyers.

If you’re an engaged couple wishing to have access to the fair, there’s no need to preregister! Just stay tuned to our blog and Facebook page where we will announce fair updates.

During the fair proper, just go to the link and browse through all the suppliers. This fair is open to all soon-to-weds, whether residing here or abroad. Click the logos of the suppliers and a pop up window will appear, the contact info of the suppliers are there for you to chat with them and ask your queries just as you would when meeting suppliers. Their websites and social media accounts are also available for you to check their works. Two days before the fair starts we will then post what they’re offering as discounts and special promos for couples who will book through the fair. So keep coming back as we keep adding more suppliers in the list.

Happy wedding planning! See you at the WaW Bridal Fairs!



    1. Team WaW Author
      Team WaW

      Hi Kimmy. Yes, we’re still open for suppliers to join. Kindly message us on Facebook or email us so we can send you the information. Thank you.

      1. LV Manalo

        I just recently saw this through a vendor I work with and I know it’s coming up but do you still have availability for vendors to post their work or be a preferred vendor?

        1. Team WaW Author
          Team WaW

          Sorry but registration for suppliers are now closed. Please do join the next fair. Thanks!

  1. Marissa Balendo

    Hi! Good day !

    I am events coordinator supplier. How can we participate this online fair ?

    God bless !


  2. Rachelle

    Hi TeamWaW,

    I tried to visit the page of Imbitado Events but it always shows an error regarding the privacy settings.

    1. Team WaW Author
      Team WaW

      Hi Rachelle. Thanks for reporting that. However, we have no control over their own website. Kindly email or call them instead. Thanks!

  3. Chao

    hi! when is your next online bridal fair? would love to join as a vendor. thanks!

    1. Team WaW Author
      Team WaW

      Hi. We have no definite date yet. Kindly visit our blog and Facebook page every now and then to see your announcements. Thanks!

  4. Eloisa Batol

    Hello W@W! How do we reserve a supplier? there’s no button to be enlisted or to be reserved. thankyou!

    1. Team WaW Author
      Team WaW

      Hi. We are not accepting supplier registrations or reservations yet for the next fair because we have no definite date yet. Kindly visit our blog and Facebook page every now and then to see your announcements. Thanks!

    1. Team WaW Author
      Team WaW

      Hi Czarina. We don’t have a definite schedule yet for the next one. Do stay tuned to our blog and Facebook page for our announcement. Thanks! :)

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