We’ve got eyes and ears in weddings happening all around the city! Thanks to W@W’s community of suppliers who eagerly jumped at the task of behind-the-scene reportage. While brides get their beauty sleep, their team of suppliers is hard at work creating their dream wedding inch by inch, sorting through every intricate detail. It’s a photo report that takes you from nothing to spectacular.

A wedding happens only once in a lifetime. That being said, the amount of time spent in planning and preparing for one day seems unimaginable. But not a lot of people know how everything falls into place. Even me, a wedding photographer, haven’t really seen what really happens behind a wedding and that is one of the reasons why I accepted this project.  READ MORE

Just for today, I’m taking a break from shooting weddings. This time, I want to check how other suppliers work and prepare for their client’s “BIG DAY”. Fortunately, I was blessed to visit one of the well-known wedding cake suppliers, Judy Uson. She is known for making beautiful sugar flowers and wedding cakes.  READ MORE

In MyPhotato we say “Every wedding has a story” and for W@W assignments we’ll say, “Every wedding has an untold story”

It is our privilege to work with a supplier who shares a similar principle with Myphotato, that is to impart love through hard work and make one wedding memorable and beautiful.  READ MORE

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