Videography 101

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Videography, unlike photography, is the art of capturing memories in moving images with or without sound.

Videographer – the leader of the team assigned to capture footage of the event — from the preparation to the reception. The wedding day coverage of the videographer would be similar in content to the coverage of the photographer. However, a videographer is given free reign to look for other angles and instruct the couple to achieve footage not exactly similar to the photographer’s shots.

Prenuptial Video – This is often either thematic or based on recreating the love story of the couple. It has dialogue and movement from the couple and the direction of the videographer.

Save the Date or Teaser – Snippets of the video footage taken during the prenup shoot. It should serve to entice people such that they would want to see the full length prenuptial video on the day of the wedding. The save the date or teaser AVP is often given earlier and posted online.

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