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After W@W’s 10th anniversary celebration, Benz & I claimed that much-deserved break and maximize the time we spend with our daughter Kite while its summer vacation. Although we are not on full vacation-mode since we still go online and check mails when there’s wi-fi access wherever we are. :)

(more Bora images @ Metrophoto)

After our family-bonding in Boracay, we will go on a North Luzon Loop roadtrip a bit later.  But before hitting the road, allow us to take a quick break from our break.

Here we share the links of dear friends in the industry who blogged about “Ten-ten-te-ten”.

We’re pretty sure we missed other collegues who blogged about the event.  We’ll add more links as soon as we find them.

In the meantime, enjoy the rest of the summer everyone! :)


  1. Pepel

    nice family pic :) Kite looks very very happy. Ang sexy mo dyan Benz :) miss Bora tuloy. Ingat on your next summer trips :)

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