The Story of the Php100,000 WaW Wedding

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“A Php100,000 wedding? Ang saya siguro kung sama-sama tayo sa isang wedding!”

Over breakfast while at Abe’s Farm in Pampanga, these suppliers were chatting when an idea came to them. What if they work together in one wedding? Imagine 15 of the brightest wedding suppliers working taking care of one wedding. How lucky must the bride feel to have these amazing suppliers work on her big day!

This simple idea started the ball rolling. It was an idea of a fun project to give one lucky bride to have her dream wedding for just Php100,000. This was a #wawlovinlimangfamilia history.

After all the laughter and stories, we were positive we would definitely have fun working together. It would be efficient, too, since we all knew each other already. So we pooled common dates, thought of what we can contribute, and finalized a rate that’s a mere fraction of our fees combined.

The Mechanics


WaW LovinlimangFamilia14

The mechanics were pretty simple. We wanted a WaWie to become the recipient of this promo because we also wanted to give back to WaW for being such a blessing to all of us. It so happened that it was the 15th year of WaW, thus, the choice of our promo name.

Couples sent in entries, we read through them, and eventually we voted on a winner.

The Generous Suppliers

1. Aisle 1401: Full coverage, SDE, highlights video, raw footage

2. Alex Ruelo of ImagineNation: Full Coverage, on-site photo slideshow

WaW LovinlimangFamilia13. Boy Kastner Santos Couture: Bridal gown and groom’s suit

WaW LovinlimangFamilia2

WaW LovinlimangFamilia34. Perfect 10 Weddings by Darlene Tan-Salazar: Basic emceeing package, including unlimited consultations via Skype/Facetime, programme planning, workbook, and audio CD for the songs

WaW LovinlimangFamilia12

5. Events by Thoffy: Half of an OTD package (preps to ceremony)
6. Kiss the Girl Events: Half of an OTD package (reception only with visit to the preps site for actual turnover of items
7. Loi Floral Sense by Serge Igonia: 1 bridal bouquet; 2 mothers’ bouquets; 6 godmothers’ bouquets; 3 secondary sponsors’ bouquets; 2 bridesmaids’ bouquets; 1 maid of honor bouquet; 2 flower girl sets (basket + headdress)

WaW LovinlimangFamilia48. Mezarc Buslon: Service-only package
9. Moki Gray Designs: Reception styling for maximum of 150 guests, welcome area with seating board, couple’s area, simple photo backdrop, tablescapes for 13 guest tables and 2 VIP tables, fresh flowers

WaW LovinlimangFamilia510. New Yorker Florals: Basic ceremony package, 10 aisle arrangements; 1 altar arrangement, 2 offertory baskets, 2 candle arrangements

WaW LovinlimangFamilia611. Rejectkrew Professional Lights & Sounds by Elmer Bautista: Basic sound system and lights package
12. Tippy Dee: Bride plus 2 package

WaW LovinlimangFamilia713. Toy Cakes and Pastries: Three-layered cake (by 6-inch base and edible bottom layer)

WaW LovinlimangFamilia1314. Unity Coins c/o WeddingsatWork

The Lucky [email protected]

Congratulations, Kerby and Arra!

WaW LovinlimangFamilia11

The Wedding Day

March 27, 2015 was a highly anticipated date. Everyone was excited to see everyone. Yes, their preps venue Crosswinds and ceremony/reception venue Angelfields radiated a sense of anticipation and lots of energy from suppliers, who wanted to do well.

Tippy Dee and team waved their wands, err… their brushes and curling irons. Events by Thoffy and Kiss the Girl Events worked together as though they had been coordinating together for some time.

Boy Kastner Santos arrived with the most awaited bridal gown and groom’s suit. These were complemented by the bouquet and boutonnière of Serge Igonia, who also provided the floral needs of the entourage and the ceremony

WaW LovinlimangFamilia8

Alex Ruelo of ImagineNation as lead photographer, Mezarc Buslon and team as auxiliary photographers, and Aisle 1401 as videographers got busy right away documenting everything in sight, including the two-tone unity coins from WeddingsatWork.

More details at the ceremony stage and reception registration area came as a result of the working hands of Moki Gray Designs. Wires for lights and sounds were meticulously laid out by Rejectkrew Professional Lights & Sounds by Elmer Bautista as toy cakes and pastries arrived with the couple’s thematic cake.

WaW LovinlimangFamilia9

WaW LovinlimangFamilia10

Before the ceremony ended, Perfect 10 Weddings by Darlene Tan-Salazar arrived. That signaled the completion of Kerby and Arra’s Lovin’ Limang Familia.

The Lovin’ Limang Familia proved to be a fun moment for the suppliers. It was a fitting celebration for WeddingsatWork’s 15th anniversary. Should we do this again? 🙂


  1. Barbara Garcia

    please do? And i pray that we be a part of it.

    My Fiancee, Russ and I are planning on having our wedding November next year. And we are the only ones shouldering all the expenses 🙁 Since Russ is the one providing for his widowed Mother while I am not seeking my Family’s financial support because my Father also supports some of my family members. It’s been really though, really stressful and we are truly scared if we will be able to do this on our own.

    See, we have been together for 5 years now and I know that he is the man I want to spend the rest of my life with. Russ is the kindest, sweetest and most genuine person I know. He works very hard to keep me well taken cared of even if it means going out of his way just to do so. I know that he has been feeling pressured and has been feeling a lot of stress ever since we got engaged (He even got sick over it! haha). I know that He wants to please me and my Family, but currently, his and my salary combined won’t be enough even if we still have more than a year to plan the wedding. We have been praying continuously for strength and patience to get through this huge step in our lives and a Promo like this one might be the answer to our prayers. We can’t wait to start our lives together, since we have been dreaming about this ever since we hit the 1 year mark of our relationship. Please please please do another promo? And we pray that we be considered as finalists? 🙂 Thank you so much

    God Bless,
    Bars and Russ 🙂

  2. Merie

    I Just wish that we can also have this kind of wedding. Me and my partner lives in the same house with our two kids. And we’re planning for our dream wedding its just that we have a lot of things to save for than a wedding! But we really want to be married. Its the only thing that is missing in our almost 9 years of relationship and we want it to be the climax of the rest of our lives…together!!

  3. Frenzy Reyes

    Hi! I hope me and my boyfriend could also get this opportunity to have our dream wedding. We are planning to get married next year but still, we are not yet financially ready.

  4. lorenztanjoco

    i wish there will be another promo like this… since most of the “normal” couples could only spend 100k – 150k (max of 200k). or atleast give us some tips how to have the same kind of wedding with atleast 150k budget.

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