WaWparazzi: The John Prats-Isabel Oli Wedding

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Who doesn’t remember the flash-mob style surprise proposal of John Prats to Isabel Oli last Sept. 24, 2014? It all started there, and the wedding planning began.

WaW John Pratts Isabel Oli Wedding1

The concept of the Four Seasons is something accidental. I was discussing with John and Liv (Isabel’s nickname) about the concept for the prenuptial shoot and it started with the idea that they will shoot in the US. Since there was a planned Prats family trip to the US, and Isabel was going to join them, there we two agenda for the trip: 1) to find the perfect wedding gown and 2) to do their prenup shoot.

And because the shoot will be in Big Bear, it was going to be a winter-themed shoot. From there, we all agreed that we would do a four seasons-themed prenup so there will be a connection amongst the four concepts.

We all thought it was a great beautiful and unique concept that we decided to use it for the whole wedding theme.

Below is copy of the invitation made by Print Divas, where the Four Seasons theme was shown, too.

WaW John Pratts Isabel Oli Wedding12

The couple went on a very strict diet since January 2015. They were both into boxing and eventually reached their desired weight. John even had to go on a “Subway” diet, wherein he only ate Subway sandwiches everyday for a few weeks. Yes, this meant Subway for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

WaW John Pratts Isabel Oli Wedding3

Here’s a trivia that not much people know. The Christian ceremony area was to be converted into reception area in just 20 to 30 minutes. That was such a big challenge for the whole team! Fortunately, the teams of Juan Carlo Catering and Teddy Manuel were able to transform this area successfully and swiftly.

WaW John Pratts Isabel Oli Wedding5

The cake is a suspended cake from the ceiling. Each of the satellite cake tells the story on how the John and Liv met until the time they got engaged in Eastwood and to their wedding day.

WaW John Pratts Isabel Oli Wedding7

Unknown to many, John and Liv started their courtship via social media site Instagram. This is why why it’s on the first cake icon!

John saw Isabel on one of GMA new TV’s programs and he found her really pretty. He then asked his sister Camille to hook him up with Isabel. He also started greeting Isabel thru the comment box in her Instagram posts. He started posting in public “Hi, crush!” and many more cute and sweet messages 🙂

Also, this cake was the only design choice of the bride. There was no other option but this. 🙂

Did you know that this beautiful breathtaking property in Balete, Batangas where the wedding was held, is owned by John Prats and his family? They been developing this for the last three years and really tried their best to finish the development in time for John and Isabel’s wedding. It’s called Nayomi Resort and Sanctuary and it will soon be open to the public.

WaW John Pratts Isabel Oli Wedding2

During the reception party, this was one such kilig moment. Binibining Pilipinas Universe MJ Lastimosa won in the bouquet game. Since the couple knew MJ has a crush on actor Sam Milby, John decided not to push through with the garter toss game. The couple decided to just surprise MJ (and the guests) and declared Sam as the winner of the garter game.

WaW John Pratts Isabel Oli Wedding6

Isabel lost her father some three years ago. She wanted so much to honor her dad during her most special day, hence, she thought of putting these charms with her dad’s pic and a saying, “We know you’d be here today if heaven weren’t so far away.” In her speech to honor her parents, Isabel talked to her father, “Dad, it’s never the same since you were gone. There’s not a day that I didn’t think of you, Dad, and I miss you so much.”

WaW John Pratts Isabel Oli Wedding10

The groom with his best men and best lady 🙂

WaW John Pratts Isabel Oli Wedding8

John and Angelica have been the best of friends for a looong time already. They call each other “Petty.” In Angelica’s speech, she said that many wonder how they could have maintained a platonic relationship all these years, and some even think there’s something more to their relationship. But they’ve proven everyone wrong. Their friendship is really a solid kind of friendship that lasts the test of time. Angelica also said that indeed, Isabel was the answered prayer of John.


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