The Groom Code: This Is Our Story

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Finally, you got the girl, the woman of your dreams. There she goes, all glammed up, with her heels so high, smile so bright, and dress so white. There you are, the sleek gentleman you always imagined yourself to be. Donning that classic coat, grinning from ear to ear, at last, the knight in shining armor has arrived.

WaW The GroomCode

Everything is unbelievably exemplary. You ask yourself how did you ever get to this point so smoothly and what the heck, is next?

Being together forever with your ever-beautiful girlfriend is definitely a picture perfect fantasy. Imagine, kneeling on one knee, asking her hand for marriage, getting a “yes,” updating your Facebook relationship status, that’s it, you are engaged. Planning, preparation, and all? Bring it on!

Sounds easy right?

Nah. Believe me, it’s not as chill as it looks like. Sometimes I wonder why bookstores lack self-help materials about the road to being a groom, a fantastic husband, and everything else in between the life before and after, gulp, the wedding. While our beloved soon-to-be-wives have tons of check-lists, guides, and reading resources about the big day, here we are, clueless on how to physically, mentally, emotionally, and even spiritually prepare for it.

Yes, there may be seminars left to right, advices side to side, but it’s different when there’s that best buddy to consistently guide us all throughout this stressful, err I mean, amazing journey—someone who can truly relate, someone who already experienced the rollercoaster ride of being a man who’s about to get hitched and have heard stories directly from hundreds of others.

Fret no more; these are the very reasons the Groom Code is born.

Your bro-dude-pare-tsong, treat Groom Code as your one-stop shop to all your life-of-a-groom questions. Yes, those inquiries you are too shy to ask, those curiosities you are too embarrassed to say, Groom Code is here, your BFF to help you prepare for the big day.

Not sure if you can give up your young, wild, and free lifestyle? No worries, as Groom Code is here to guide you with that. Afraid of your spending habits and more financial woes once you decided that two is better than one? Well, Groom Code will escort you to be that efficient provider for your future family. Scared of being caught by the fashion police during the big day? Should I wear this? What goes well with this ensemble? #OOTD problems? Just check the Groom Code and you’ll be that heartthrob that will make your bride scurry down that aisle to get to you and make people double tap on Instagram. Woman problems? GF on PMS mode? Other stuff that you’ll face with your lady love as you prepare your dream wedding? Be ready as Groom Code’s, uhm, codes are here to make everything a piece of (wedding) cake.

Yes, bro-dude-pare-tsong, take the chill pill, as Groom Code is here – this is our story, this is our code.

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