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Editor’s note: Everyone’s ooh-ing and aah-ing at Liza Soberano’s beautiful boho-themed debut party .WaWParazzi Charisse Santillan Tinio of Nice Print, graciously shared with us how it all unfolded. Read more of Charisse’s WaWParazzi stories here in WaW in the coming months.

Since last year, people knew that Liza Soberano didn’t want to have a debut party. She is simple and she didn’t want the limelight on her for her 18th bday.

But around August 2015, I was blessed to have had the privilege to shoot the campaign ads for Mega tuna. During the shoot, my long time friend, Ogie Diaz (Liza’s manager), introduced me to Liza’s tita Joni. That day, she told me her wish to give the beautiful Liza a surprise debut. Not the traditional one, but one that liza would really love. So I asked her what are the “likes” of Liza which she enumerated — the outdoors, relaxed feel, the beach.

Hence, the “Amazing Race” sports fest party came up and we thought of the bohemian/ glamorous camping type of dinner party for Liza.

So for the next 3-4 months we met up with the whole team and with tita Joni to polish the ideas and plans for our pretty debutante.

The list of suppliers are:

Nice print for Photo/Video
Teena Barretto for Coordination
Gideon Hermosa for Styling and Flowers
Juan Carlo for the Food
Don Robert for the Combi Van used as part of props
Instamug pillows for the pillows used in the set up and given as souvenirs for the 120 guests
Goldilock’s for the Cake
Lst sound mobile for the Lights and Sounds
Margarush for Mobile Bar
Print divas for the Invitations
Balai isabel for the Venue and Accommodation
Studio on Wheels for the Photobooth


The call time for the guests was 11 AM for the registration for the Amazing Race party.

Liza was so happy with the whole idea! She loved every minute of it and was game to join each of the activities.

The fans of Liza were the ones in charge for the games and all the prizes and program for the day’s sports fest.

Below, you will see that while they were busy playing in the sports fest, the event suppliers were busy setting up the boho night party:

  • team-morning
  • setting-up2
  • setting-up3
  • IMG_2822

We were all so excited at this point. After the full day of activities, Liza was made to rest then her glam team consisting of Mickey See, Perry Tabora and Renz Pangilinan. They came to her room to dress her up and glam her up for the dinner.

Liza thought there was going to be a simple dinner to celebrate the salubong (eve) of her debut. Little did she know that it was a well planned, well thought of party in her honor.

  • debut-dinner3
  • IMG_2871
  • debut-dinner2
  • IMG_2837

Around 8pm all the guests were already at the glam camping site.

I had one photo op with Enrique who said many thank you ‘s to me after seeing the whole set up

Liza, upon arrival, was greeted by her parents and Lola.

And the biggest surprise (again) came when after watching the AVP we prepared and that tita Joni prepared, Liza’s 3 siblings from the U.S. came out to surprise her!

This was such a lovely touching scene. Everyone knows how much Liza loves and adores her siblings.

  • IMG_2922
  • surprise-debut6
  • IMG_2910
  • enrique-gil

The winners for the Amazing Race were awarded.

Tito Ogie Diaz gave a short but sweet message for the debutante

And of course, her tita Joni gave a touching speech too.

  • IMG_2992
  • IMG_3009
  • IMG_2942
  • IMG_3040

Hope is her real name and that night she ended it watching the fireworks, full of hope and love in her heart

  • IMG_3137
  • liza-soberano-manager
  • IMG_3132

It was such. A heartwarming experience. After all the hard work, it’s the best feeling when the celebrant gives you that warm smile and tight hug because she is truly happy.

I’ll always look back fondly to this night. Not only because I was blessed to do the debut of such a big star, but more so, because we made one simple girl truly happy on her 18th birthday.


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