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Wedge/Platforms – the sole has gradual elevations from the toe to the heel; good for garden weddings since the sole is full on and doesn’t have points that could dig into the soil.

Stiletto Heels – these are long, thin, pointy and more formal that a wedge or a platform heel; usually ranges from 2 to 5 inches

Kitten Heels – small, short, and less pointy than a stiletto heel, usually up to 2 inches in height


  1. Kristine

    good evening!what type of shoe is suitable for a groom having a gray suite?thanks

    1. Team WaW

      Hi Kristine. You can get suggestions from fellow brides and grooms by joining our community. Based on your other comments on our sign up page, we know that you’ve already registered. Kindly just wait for it to be processed by our team. Thank you!

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