Reception Time

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Reception Time – refers to the designated time that the guests may enter the reception hall. In the olden times, the reception time refers to the time guests are received inside the hall with the couple and their parents greeting them on the receiving line.

Serving time: the time agreed upon by the couple and the caterer for meal service, i.e. when the buffet tables will be opened or plated meals will be served to guests.

Breakfast – a meal that is served at 8 or 9AM given that the ceremony is at 6AM.

Brunch – a meal that is served around 10:30AM if the ceremony is at 8:30am.

Lunch – a meal that is served around 12NN or 1PM if the ceremony was at 9AM or at 10AM

Merienda Cena – heavy snacks served around 4PM or 5PM if the ceremony is at 1PM or 2PM

Dinner – a meal served around 7, 8, or 9PM depending on the time of ceremony

Broken time – a term used by suppliers to refer to weddings with ceremonies happening 4 to 7 hours before the reception, e.g. a 10:00AM ceremony and a 7:00PM reception.

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