WaWparazzi: Princess Sarah Is Engaged!

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We’re talking about Camille Prats, the actress who brought the much-loved cartoon character Princess Sarah to life. Last July 18, she said yes to the marriage proposal of her non-showbiz boyfriend VJ Yambao after two years of being together.

This would be her second marriage. Camille was first married in 2008 to Anthony Linsangan. The union bore a son named Nathaniel Caesar. Anthony, however, succumbed to nasopharyngeal cancer in 2011.

But love found her again and she met VJ. They officially became an item in December 2013.

WaW Camille Pratts Engagement4

The back story

VJ and I would casually talk about his plans to propose few weeks after the wedding of John Prats and Isabel Oli last May. He had great exciting plans for the proposal. There were a lot of ideas that came up but at the end of it all, one thing was evident–VJ wanted it to be very special for Camille.

He was very sure of three things. One, it had to be in Nayomi resort, which is owned by the Prats family, because this is a place close to the hearts of the Prats family, including Camille

Two, VJ wants all the family members and close friends of Camille to be present.

WaW Camille Pratts Engagement17

Three, Nathan, Camille’s son from her first marriage, had to be part of the big proposal.

WaW Camille Pratts Engagement13

Most memorable moments

There were so many tear-jerking and heartwarming moments during the marriage proposal. The top moments for me were:

One, when Nathan shed tears of joy while watching the AVP prepared by VJ.

WaW Camille Pratts Engagement10

Two, seeing Camille cry all throughout the surprise, most especially when she was still unsure of what was happening upon entering the venue, and yet she was already shedding buckets of tears. It was such a beautiful moment.

WaW Camille Pratts Engagement8

Three, when Camille hugged her dad. It was such a touching father-daughter moment.

WaW Camille Pratts Engagement11

Four, when Camille said, “Tonight, my little boy and I got engaged to VJ.” It’s so touching to know that Nathan will also find a new dad in VJ.

WaW Camille Pratts Engagement19

But don’t just take my word for it. Here are the photos from the big proposal. Enjoy!

WaW Camille Pratts Engagement1

WaW Camille Pratts Engagement2

WaW Camille Pratts Engagement5

WaW Camille Pratts Engagement6

WaW Camille Pratts Engagement7

WaW Camille Pratts Engagement9

WaW Camille Pratts Engagement12

WaW Camille Pratts Engagement14

WaW Camille Pratts Engagement15

WaW Camille Pratts Engagement18

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    Love never ends. Buti kpa camille u did second time.. ako kaya kelan kaya ang second chances ko. Godbless. ..

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