Planners and Coordinators

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Planner – refers to the person who will assist the couple from conceptualizing the wedding, to the preparation and planning of the wedding.

Coordinator – refers to the person heading a team that will help you prepare for and execute all wedding plans

Usually the planner is also the wedding day coordinator who will execute all wedding plans

On-the-day Coordination – refers to the package that requires the lead coordinator to have around 2 to 3 meetings with the couple close to the date of the wedding. This package assumes that the couple will take care of all the bookings themselves and will just turn over details for execution.

Turnover Coordination – refers to the package that gives the lead coordinator the responsibility of helping the couple complete their roster of suppliers. It also accords more meetings and more assistance regarding details to be completed by the couple.

Full Coordination – refers to the package that involves the planner/coordinator right away — from planning the theme to booking the suppliers to the actual execution of plans leading up to and on the day of the wedding.

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