Pittipat Manzano-Chupungco

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What is your WaW story?
I joined WaW for the sole reason of getting help with our wedding preparations. Soon after, I found myself checking and responding to my emails more often, even if it had nothing to do with our own preparations. There were times when, to the amazement of my then-fiance, I would find myself going out of my way to check on something that I thought the other brides might be interested in. I thought it would all stop as soon as our big day was over but I was wrong. Months after, I still found myself responding to posts and giving my two-cents worth. I even felt kinda bad that I had to leave WaW to become a NaWie because I didn’t expect the camaraderie we had in WaW to be the same. Again, I was proven wrong.

The NaWies became more than just an online community for me, my family and for most of the members, if I should say so myself. What started out as mere names, eventually became Facebook friends, prayer warriors, phone pals, textmates, business partners, prayer group mates, godparents to one’s child, best friends and Tuesday-dates. Virtual strangers from all around became a family–one who would band together to pray for a sick child, who would pool resources together for a worthy cause, who would go out of their way to buy books or toys for everyone who asked whenever a sale was happening without wanting or needing anything in return. It was simply something that you would do for a friend, virtual or not.

As a NaWie, I made friendships that I know I will treasure for a long time, I learned (and continue to learn) how to become a better wife, a better parent, a better friend, a steward of the environment and and a better person. And don’t get me started on getting the latest news on sales, travel tips and tried-and-tested recipes. Yes, we do have it all and I am sooo glad that my journey with the group did not end when I got married. In fact, it has just begun.

In five sentences, who are you?
I’m Pittipat–wife, mother of two, crafts geek, baker, breastfeeding peer counselor-in-training, and calligraphy newbie. Hoping to find ways to help create awareness and acceptance in the public for children with special needs because they deserve to be treated with respect just like everyone else.

Pittipat Manzano-Chupungco
Joined WaW in 2005; [email protected] since 2006

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