Pauleen Luna: Behind her Bridal Boudoir

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Editor’s Note: Pauleen Luna’s publicist recently released a series of photos of the actress’ bridal boudoir shoot. We asked Arlene Briones of The Boudoir Dolls to share with us how it was for her photographing one of our prettiest celebrity brides-to-be.

One of the celebrity weddings that is most talked-about is the upcoming union of the beautiful young actress, Pauleen Luna, to popular television host, Vic Sotto.

News about their wedding preparations pepper the web and social media. But here in WaW, we are always looking for stories behind the scenes because we believe that these are the moments that capture the essence of every event.

So we hooked up with Arlene Briones of The Boudoir Dolls to find out what it was like to work with Pauleen for her bridal boudoir shoot so we can share it here in WaW.

Meeting Pauleen

“Shooting any celebrity may be daunting at first because they simply are what they are – stars,” says Arlene. She admits that she and her team had some notions prior to the shoot, but the actress’ arrival at the shoot proved more refreshing than they expected.

“You’d think a celebrity would usually come with an entourage,” says Arlene, “but she quietly arrived with a personal assistant and that’s when the makeup artists & stylists starting adding more magic on her.”

The photo shoot took only two hours as according to Arlene, Pauleen was easy to work with.

“A boudoir shoot is like a dance between a woman and the photographer and Pauline was easy to direct. As with any normal boudoir shoot we have, women would naturally start moving on their own, which was she did and we just snapped away. For most women, confidence builds up during a shoot but for Pauleen it was already inherent to begin with,” she says, clearly impressed by her subject.

“Up close & personal she is very classy and we’re glad to have taken part in her journey to one of the biggest milestones of her life,” Arlene adds.

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The Concept: Old Hollywood and Nostagic

Pauleen did not have a hand in the concept of her bridal boudoir. Arlene explains, “She left the concept up to us which was Old Hollywood and Nostalgic. We had an old theatre to work with, and some movies playing on the projector.”

She continues, What was different for this shoot was that it wasn’t done in a bedroom (where most boudoir shoots are done) but in a old theatre which we thought fit Pauleen’s showbiz life perfectly.”

Of Quiet Confidence

We asked Arlene how the entire experience was like working with Pauleen and her take was: “In every portrait shoot, we get a glimpse of the real person in front of the lens, we can usually see it in their eyes, their smile, the way they move.”

Arlene continues. “We loved how this shoot was a little toned down. When someone is really that beautiful & sophisticated, you don’t need to show that much skin to exude sexy. Which boils down to what we want boudoir to be all about – comfortable in your own skin, whatever you’re wearing, wherever you are.”

She notes,“With Pauleen it was a quiet kind of confidence. One you know who has gone through a lot but has become victorious.

(Photo above: Pauleen Luna with Arlene Briones and Madoka of The Boudoir Dolls.)

All Photos by The Boudoir Dolls.

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