Paul Soriano, Toni Gonzaga Holds Second Pre-Wedding Shoot

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We all loved the National Museum-themed pre-wedding shoot of director Paul Soriano and actress Toni Gonzaga.  But the couple has another idea in mind–a second pre-wedding shoot with Pat Dy. We asked Pat Dy for some inside scoop regarding this pre-wedding. shoot.

When did the couple approach you for the pre-nup shoot?

Matagal na from the date Toni asked if I was free for her wedding. Sadly, I wasn’t available before so we discussed about having the prenup shoot.

What happened in the first encounter?

We’ve been friends way before pa. We shot a few covers of Toni. We met and shot Paul before, too.

What was the theme of the shoot or video? What is the significance of the theme?

To be as relaxed and simple as possible since I’ve shot Toni always with a glam team for her covers etc. Para maiba and Paul is a very chill, laidback person. He is more comfy shooting in a relaxed environment.

Other themes that were discarded?

It was just that theme or another concept theme that didn’t push through for another editorial magazine.

How were they as subject of the photo/video? What were your impressions?

We just had fun since I know both of them already from previous shoots. I do know that their love for God is very, very evident. You can sense it in how they talk the moment we started relaxing in between takes and right after the shoot. I even met Paul’s parents that day. I had the same impression–solid family with a very strong Christian foundation. I’m pretty sure their marriage will be very successful due to their love of God.

Give examples of light/unforgettable moments with the couple? I’m posting the light moment as we speak. Follow @patdy11 now!

Any other inside kwento?

Mabait sila super. No yabang at all. Very chill. We had fun shooting for an hour since yun na lang yung time nila from their hectic sked. I just came back from the US and nag-text siya if I was free to shoot them the day after. Of course, I said yes.

Sino mga suppliers involved sa shoot?

Just the make-up artist Krist Bansuelo and me

just makeup person krist bansuelo and me

Any photos you have na unpublished?

My other photographer friends from the fashion industry also shot them. Abangan!

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