Officiants 101

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A person with the legal capacity to marry two consenting adults.

A person who, depending on his affiliation, can officiate either a Roman Catholic or an Aglipayan wedding

Generally, Roman Catholic priests are bound to officiate weddings inside churches only. They may officiate renewals of vows in venues like gardens, beach fronts, etc.

Aglipayan priests may officiate weddings in their churches as well as in venues chosen by the bride and groom.

The term of reference for the one officiating an Iglesia ni Cristo wedding

The term of reference for the one officiating a Protestant Wedding, like a Baptist or a Methodist wedding ceremony. The term “Minister” may also be used.

JUDGE or selected elected officials (e.g. Mayor, Governor)
He or she can officiate a civil wedding ceremony within his/her jurisdiction

The said civil ceremony can transpire in his/her chambers, the city or municipal hall, or a venue chosen by the bride and groom given that the venue is within his/her area of jurisdiction.


  1. jpobo

    We are from the states and have chosen a friend to officiate the wedding, who is licensed to officiate here. Any insight?

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