Mom’s Unconditional Love

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Mum. Mom. Inay. Nanay. Mama. Whatever their names may be, moms will always be a big part of any bride’s or groom’s life. And no wedding will be complete without giving them honoring them.

Today, Mother’s Day, we honor the women, who will always be our #1 fan.. Happy Mother’s Day!

N@wie Tew ni Mike

Mike’s mom


Argen's mom

Argen’s mom

Calvin mom

Calvin’s mom

Cheryl’s mom

Erns' mom

Ern’s mom

Grace's hubby's mom

Grace’s MIL

LC ni Mike

LC’s mom

Mom ni Czandor

Czandor’s mom

N@wie Anna ni Karl

Karl’s mom

N@Wie Cookie ni Kim

Cookie’s mom

N@wie Gladys ni Joseph

Glady’s mom

N@wie John Mateos Ong with his mom

John’s mom

N@wie Judy ni John

Judy’s mom

N@Wie Lhen ni Duz

Lhen’s mom

n@wie Marie ni Meynard

Marie’s mom

N@Wie Michelle ni Jay

Michelle’s mom

n@wie Pat ni Jaypee

Jaypee’s mom

N@wie Sheryl ni Francis

Sheryl’s mom

n@wie yna ni nelson

Yna’s mom


Ren's MIL

Ren’s MIL


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