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Humans of WaW Michelle Guerrero-Dukha

What is your WaW story?
A friend introduced me to WaW while she was planning her wedding. I got hooked with her stories that I joined WaW as soon as then-boyfriend-now-hubby and I started discussing marriage and wedding planning. That was 2010.

More than 90% of our wedding dream team were WaW finds. Because of Didda and Mimma, as well as the WaWies, we were able to have the wedding that we wanted. Therefore, I always recommend WaW to every B2B/G2B that I know.

After the wedding, I joined NaW as I transition from being a bride to being a wife. With NaW, I learn things everyday (including where you can find Washi tapes in Divi). I get most of my aha! moments from the group and I know someday I will be able to also share my knowledge and give back to this community.

In five sentences, who are you?
I am from Baler, Aurora–the birthplace of Philippine surfing. During my last semester as a college student, “Marriage and Family” was included in our curriculum and that was when I wrote that 27 was my ideal marrying age. I did just that, getting married a day after I turned 27. My husband and I crossed paths in high school, started dating after college, and got married after obtaining our Master’s. Our idea of a relaxing weekend is surfing (for him) and reading books (while I wait for hubby to finish surfing). We currently reside in AU and have plans of doing a few low-cost short trips this year.

Michelle Guerrero-Dukha
[email protected] since 2010, [email protected] since 2012

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