Mementos: W@W Give-aways & Souvenirs through the years!

Note: All items below are not for sale. Should you be interested in other unique W@W items, kindly visit our Souvenir Shop.

Chinese mini take-out boxes that we gave out during the websites formal launching in March 19 to 21, 1999 at the Rituals: Brides and Debutantes Fair held at the Grand Ballroom of Dusit Hotel Nikko. Each cute box contains a fortune cookie inside (bearing our website address of course!) and were given away to our friends and those who visited our booth in the ballroom. It was such a hit that it became a ‘must-have’ for the affair’s attendees. The W@W ‘launch box’ will always be symbolic of W@W’s continuous success.

The same W@W box made its second appearance as ‘the Wedding Survival Kit’ in yet another bridal event, this time at Heritage Hotel’s Hail to the Bride 2000. It was the very first time that W@W has been invited to be a media partner for a bridal event. Our boxes served as a welcome gifts to all visiting soon-to-be-brides at the fair.

As thanksgiving for W@W’s success and to celebrate our very first wedding anniversary with the W@W surfers and W@W eGroup members, we decided to give-away copies of the 1026 CD (the invite and keepsake for our wedding) on October 26, 1999 as a token of our sincerest gratitude.

The W@Wies (as the W@W eGroup member brides fondly call themselves) came in full-force to man the W@W booth in the three-day affair dubbed as Weddings at the Palace held at the Coconut Palace in the latter part of the year 2000. W@W participated in the affair as the event consultant. The W@Wies-on-duty – who entertained soon-to-wed couples that visited the fair – were all proudly wearing a badge that says: “I’m a W@W bride!”

To make the site reach-out to as many brides and grooms as possible, website promotion must not only be focused online but offline as well. We thought of distributing W@W bumper stickers nationwide to serve as our ‘mobile’ advertisement when placed in the car. Distribution was made possible through W@W’s participation as media partner in various bridal events held in across the country in locations such as, Manila (Kasalan sa Intramuros & Fresh at the Hyatt), Makati (the Bridal Talks at the Filipinas Heritage Library), Cavite (Dream Weddings at Island Cove), Cebu (An Affair to Remember at the Cebu Plaza Hotel) and Zamboanga City (Altar-bound! at Grand Astoria Hotel). Our sincerest gratitude to a concerned W@Wie (you know who you are šŸ˜‰ who helped fund the project.

On its third year, W@W decided to come up with a video compilation of the television appearances and exposures it got through the years. And since different batches of W@Wies (from 1999 to 2001) appear in each episode (including a cool W@W AVP done in less than 24-hours by a W@Wie!), we offer the videos (in VCD & VHS formats) exclusively to the members.
To bring the production cost at a minimum, technical and artistic expertise were rendered by the following wedding professionals for free:
* digital editing: Jason Magbanua
* digital remaster: Glisaz Audio Video Corp.
* layouts (VCD & VHS labels): YRL Design & Print

On September 2001, W@W released its very own standees which hold and display the W@W flyers to reach-out to potential surfers in various key locations.

The standees were first seen on display on every counter in all the branches of Sari-Sari Store (not your friendly neighborhood variety store, but the dress shop!). The W@W-Sari-Sari Okasyon tie-up made this possible. Succeeding displays were later seen at the counters of bridal shops, internet cafes and sales/booking offices of wedding vendors.

The W@W standee is intended to be a familiar display on registration counters in the numerous bridal fairs where W@W participates in as a media partner. From here on, the W@W flyers will be within arm’s reach to each Filipina bride to discover the website which she can truly claim as her own.

All items above are not for sale. Should you be interested in other unique W@W items, kindly visit our Souvenir Shop.

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