Maan Reyes

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W@W Humans MaanI was part of the early days of [email protected] in 1999 when we all became woven together even just through emails. “Eyeballs” or meet-ups were just part of sealing those friendships forged online.

I wasn’t actually looking for [email protected] when it found me. But I believe it did not happen by accident. It found me when I was longing to share (be heard and be understood) with someone all things about weddings and relationships. And [email protected] definitely filled that basic need of the human heart. And though I may not have a plethora of advice to give away now about weddings, [email protected] has been a helpful tool to discover for myself, how to take care of relationships that matter to me, beginning with my marriage.

I am based in Sydney. I married young and I thought I was ready for this lifelong commitment. It was easier to give up than keep going at one point. But by the grace of God our relationship was restored into a whole new level, and we recommitted ourselves by really making Him the “core” of our being. Everything in our lives, is anchored on that now. This is what makes our love for each other and for our children, steadfast and relentless every day.

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