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WaW Humans of WaW Lyra Dacio

What is your WaW story?

I don’t remember exactly when in 2004 I joined WaW but looking back, I knew we (hubby and I) couldn’t have pulled off a December wedding without the community. I am immensely thankful for WaW for all the wedding ideas and friends I’ve met along the way. Having a community cheering you on as you plan for a wedding was just what hubby and I needed. Ours wasn’t a big production but the number of elements to look out for in a wedding was made manageable and enjoyable knowing we could count on fellow [email protected] for advice and ideas. WaW rocks!

In five sentences, who are you?
I am married to a caring husband, Manuel and mom to two boys, Samuel and Rafael. We’re currently residing in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam where I spend my days juggling mommy/wife duties and a part time job with a law firm. I maintain my blog Hello Saigon, which started as a chronicle of our life in HCMC. And once in a while, I come up with artsy-fartsy projects.

Lyra Maleon Dacio
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