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lloyed valenzuela

I learned about W@W when I was still starting out as a photographer. As a struggling artist, I sought inspiration in the W@W podcasts with the best suppliers in the wedding industry. Somehow it made me feel no different than the people I aspired to become. W@W helped me believe that I can be a great destination wedding photographer — that somehow, I can dream big.

I met Mimma in Jeff and Lisa Photography’s Firestarter Workshop. More than a year after, I got to join the N@W photoshoot marathon together with my wife Jill. A few months after that, we were invited to our very first W@W Christmas party and the experience was overwhelming!

We initially wanted to be part of the W@W community so people would get to know our brand. But what we got was so much more than what we ever imagined. W@W is beyond business, it has become FAMILY. The W@Wies, N@Wies, and Mimma welcomed us with open arms. The conversations made and new friendships built with couples and suppliers alike are just priceless. LVP

I am the main photographer and owner of LVP for almost 4 years now. I am married to my lovely wife Jill and we have 3 kids: Jim Edward – 10, Jacob Ethan – 5, and Ysabela Llouise – 2. They are my driving force to continue pursuing this passion in spite of all the challenges. I am often told that my shoots are fun and laid-back. As a photographer, I believe the outputs are best when my clients feel most comfortable with who they are. It’s when we all stick to who we are that we achieve what we really aspire for – including awesome photos. LVP also believes in building lasting relationships with clients. Our dream is to eventually have LVP brides from all corners of the world!


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