Kids Have Fun at Weddings, Too!

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Who says that kids can’t have fun at weddings, too? These photos prove that while the grown-ups play dress up, these kids are having the time of their lives, too.

Denise and Tricia

Denise and Tricia

Eurose's daughter

Eurose’s daughter

Brother and nephew of Geminese's husband

Brother and nephew of Geminese’s husband

Niece of Mizielle’s husband

Mandy’s daughter

Roan's daughter

Roan’s daughter

Nephews of Arleen's husband

Nephews of Arleen’s husband

Nieces of Johann and Ian

Nieces of Johann and Ian

Tine's nieces

Tine’s nieces

Tricia's nephews

Tricia’s nephews

Jan's niece



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