Irene Rose Carreon-Capucao

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Humans of WaW Irene Rose Carreon-Capucao

What is your [email protected] story?
I joined WaW when I was planning for our wedding. While I was a WaWie, I met a lot friends who helped me with my wedding. After the wedding, we remained friends still.

In five sentences, who are you?
I’m a working wife of Emman Capucao. No babies yet but we hope to have one this year. I work as a Service Desk Analyst. I love to travel and I’ve been to many places in the Philippines. I’m an adventurous woman.

Irene Rose Carreon-Capucao
Joined WaW in 2011


  1. Maricon Fallorina

    My partner and I have been together for 9 years now, yes 9 long years, with 3 kids, I may be misjudge for allowing such set up, and so, we’d like to go legal. But, having kids makes our budget really tight for having a solemn simple wed. Is it better to go on catering or restau

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