If the Dress Fits: the CA Cut

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While it’s pretty easy to Google body structures vis a vis wedding gown designs, it’s not very easy to actually choose a flattering wedding gown for one’s body structure. Call it the battle of wants vs realities. We want something but the style just doesn’t agree with the reality called “current body structure”.

We thought it would be a great idea to interview all 3 designers who made it to the top spot of the Weddings at Work Top 10. Yes, they each have Supplier of the Year trophies — Ms. Veluz Puno – Reyes (2005), Mr. Cecilio Abad (2008), and Mr. Boy Kastner Santos (2011).

For part 2, we will focus on the responses of the one everyone refers to as Tito Cecil. 🙂

Q: When a bride comes to you for a gown design and her pegs are totally not possible given her body structure, what do you usually do?

CA: I measure first, then sketch. If she insists, I ask, “Which one do you want — the dress that that will make you beautiful on your wedding day or the peg you brought?”

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Q: If the bride wants a lot of beadwork and has each of the following figures, where would you put the majority of the beadwork?

CA: Patterns are made to accentuate the body and give the illusion of shape.

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Q: If the bride wants a ruffled skirt, but has a certain body structure, would you say go or no?

CA: For pear shaped bodies, no; for full figured ladies who are tall, ok.

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Q: Many want bustiers or tube top gowns, is there a particular body structure that doesn’t agree with this kind of neckline?

CA: Nothing is impossible, we can create a pattern to hide the volume of the bust.

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Q: Which neckline can you consider as versatile?

CA: I would go for the sweetheart neckline.

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Q: What cut best hides or takes away the focus on the following:

CA: Those with big tummies but have big busts can go with any cut, but if not, then waist cut. Those with big hips need the waist cut or we will use add-on’s to lessen the emphasis on the hips. Those with big arms and big busts can go with a v-neck and 3/4 sleeves.

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Q: Most full figured women go for sleeves and off-the-shoulder cuts, would you go with the same options? Why/not? What would you recommend for plus size brides?

CA: I’m ok with off-the-shoulder. I don’t like to make the bride look like she has been wrapped with too much cloth that she can’t breathe anymore.

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Q: If a bride wants to lose weight, up to how many months prior to her wedding date can she put off the measurement taking date?

CA: Three months before the date is fine.

Q: What percentage of brides per year actually end up altering their bodies after they declare they want to lose weight before measurement taking? (Rough estimate e.g. Only 1 out of 10)

CA: 2 to 3 out of 10

Q: Any general tip regarding gowns and body structures?

CA: Brides want certain things, but remember, designers are hired to guide their brides. I don’t just sketch, I cut, so best to listen to my guidance as well.

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