W@W DESKTOP GALLERY2007 – Volume 1  

Mel CortezErron Mackray OcampoLito GeniloEms Van GothCharisse TinioJun Valbuena
Nelwin UyJohn TroncoDino LaraRandall DagoocMimi AbesamisFol Rana, Jr.

Limited copies will be avilable for sale at the Book Shop of the Filipinas Heritage Library at P100. (US $2.00) each.

Mention the word ‘pre-nups’ among marrying Filipino couples and the subject of discussion would not be touchy nor sensitive at all. It wouldn’t even involve a pesky lawyer. What’s needed is a talented photographer.

Towards the end of 1999, WeddingsAtWork.com witnessed the emergence of soon-to-weds having casual, outdoor pictorial sessions prior to their wedding. What for? The reasons were perfect: a time to bond with their chosen wedding photographer and let him know them and see their best angles; to see if the trial bridal make-up looks good in pictures; and to display a gallery of nice-looking photographs for display at the reception hall’s foyer. Since ‘pre-nuptial pictorial session’ is quite a mouthful, it has been simply referred to as ‘pre-nups’ since. The word’s previous legal connotation has somewhat been forgotten. Now, pre-nups are part of the services that most (if not all) wedding photographers offer.

The chosen locations for the shoot are always great too: from outdoor venues as near a Luneta, to as far as Ilocos! Even stories of couples flying the photographer out of the country for a ‘mere’ pre-nup shoot are not so rare anymore.

Since the 2007 W@W Desktop Gallery (volume one) is a collection of pre-nup photographs from twelve talented photographers, we decided to call it “‘I WILL’ a promise of forever.”

May this New Year bring each of us the promise of bigger, brighter and better opportunities.

If you are a wedding photographer and wish to be included in the next year’s calendar, please contact: 0917.850.1026 (Benz) or email: mail@WeddingsAtWork.com


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