2007 – Volume 2

Fol Rana, Jr.Charisse TinioLee LlamasRene GaviolaFrank Dizon Robert Lester
John Mateos OngJun ValbuenaDino LaraEdwin TuyayMimi AbesamisChito Cleofas

Limited copies will avilable for sale at the Book Shop of the Filipinas Heritage Library at P100. (US $2.00) each.

We present to you volume two of the 2007 W@W Desktop Gallery. What we have here is a collection of wedding photographs taken right after the church ceremony. Call it post-nup pictures if you wish; we call it, “‘I DID!’ the beginning of ever-after.”

Ever thought where the newlyweds stay while waiting for their cue to their Grand Entrance at the reception? They are usually anywhere but in a holding area. It’s more likely that they are having the time of their life posing for their first few snapshots as husband & wife. Do guests mind the wait? They usually don’t if there’s a steady and hefty supply of cocktails to while away the time.

We thank the twelve talented photographers for supporting this annual project of WeddingsAtWork.com and contributing the wedding images you’ll see in the succeeding pages. The subjects in these photographs are literally in a hurry to be in their own reception but they definitely don’t look it! That’s the spirit these artists bring out through these couples.

May the 2007 bring us all the blessings that go beyond the goodness of the previous year!

if you are a wedding photographer and wish to be included in the next year’s calendar, please contact: 0917.850.1026 (Benz) or email: mail@WeddingsAtWork.com


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