Chrissie Salvador

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My W@W story

This community is a happy place to many couples! W@W is a community of celebrations. We celebrate weddings, true, but we also celebrate milestones, little achievements, the perfect moments that make up the ordinary, the love and binding of families, the small wins and victories, and even the challenges that make the uphill climb worth it. W@W has seen my story when I was meeting my own struggles, and it is with W@W that I have continued to meet them and thrive. With this community, I can say, in comfort, ‘this is who I am and this is what I do.” And be met with, “Welcome!”

Humans of Waw Chrissie Salvador

Who am I?

I am in imperfectly formed, and I am in constant flux. I married the most steady person I know, a safe harbor in tumultuous times, a place from which I can ground myself. I am now a mom to a seven-year-old boy, of fiery personality and of a stubborn streak. It is because of W@W and N@W that I have found a community of like-minded women, who march through life with the knowledge that we are all doing the best we can, in the company of people who hold no grudges or judgment.

Chrissie Salvador
Joined W@W in 2003; N@Wie sinceĀ 2005

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