How to Look Your Best in Photos

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Do you spend a lot of time using the filters of your phone just to make sure you look your best in your photos? Are you terrified by the thought of how you and your groom would look in your pre-nup photos because you’ve never really done a professional photo shoot in the past?

[email protected] recently had an EB with Feliz Lucas of Lifestyle by Feliz and guest photographers, Manny and April Photography, where they shared tips on bringing out your beauty.

Special thanks to [email protected] Leslie and Maan for the notes!

1. Know the best side of your face.

– Get your phone camera and do a selfie. Check which eye is bigger. Most of the time, the side with the bigger eye is your best side. This is vital especially for the succeeding tips.

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2. Four basic face poses variation
– Look down
– Look away
– Look at the camera
– Look at your partner

Remember: Adjust your eyes properly and ensure that the eyeball is balanced. (not white part only)

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3. How to look thinner in front of the camera
– Look down
– Extend your neck forward.
– Make sure that your eye is nearer the camera than your chin.
– Then smile and breathe through your lips. (inhale-exhale)
– If you turn your head side wards, try to make the veins on your neck appear. It may help if you will adjust your shoulders as well depending on your angle.

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4. Poses on a standing position
– Keep your legs together as if they are kissing together. Bend one knee.
– Point your knee out then tiptoe to have a longer leg.
– Make sure that your weight is on your back to create an angle as well.
– Cross legs
– Cross legs at the back (as if checking your shoe if you’ve step on a chewing gum)
– As a props, you may use a sturdy object such as chairs, walls, window, etc that you can lean on

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5. Hand-movements
– Make a variation with your hands to avoid awkward poses (military pose).
a. Try the “masakit sa katawan” look. You may hold your neck, shoulder, tummy, back portion, head, chin, etc.
b. You may also put your hands at the side and widen your shoulder.
c. You may also put your hands on your hips but make sure to put an air space in between your armpit. Elbow at the back.

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6. For grooms:
– Keep your legs apart.
– Put one foot forward.
– Weight at the back.
– Hands inside the pocket or hips.
– “Tambay look”

W@W How to look your best in photos7

7. For couple pics
– Do the poses in clockwise and counterclockwise position. (either husband/wife) will be assigned to do this. This is to ensure that the couple will not be on the same direction.

Additional Posting Tips:

1. If with big arms, keep your elbow at the back.
2. If seated on the floor, bend your knees.

Additional Info:
1. For best pic results, use colored contact lenses (amethyst/green)
2. False eye lashes will look good too. Brides may try #53 from the Beauty Bar.
3. Try Shu Uemura Eye Lash Curler. This will work even with those short and few lashes.
4. If pictorial is at night, avoid moving and be still for a few seconds to keep the quality of the picture.

When you are shy, you are being selfish. – Feliz Lucas

Time well spent.

W@W How to look your best in photos8

Photo Credits: Manny and April Photography

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