Harold and Len

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Groom Harol and bride Len were wed in March 7, 2015.

Len is one of the active members of WeddingsatWork YahooGroups. In this month’s WaW Weddings, we are featuring their wedding. Take a look at how to prepared for their big day.

Motif and Theme

I have always wanted a day garden reception. It seems more relaxed and more cheerful. I wanted it bright and sun so what better color to pick than yellow?

What were your fears prior to the wedding? How did you deal with it?

They say that sometimes brides-to-be will have nightmares about their wedding day. And yes, it did happen to me. I was afraid of not being able to book all the needed suppliers on time. I was afraid of rain, and that some of the suppliers won’t deliver what was agreed upon.

Photo: Jeff and Lisa Photography
They were the first ones I booked since I like their clean and non-pretentious shots. I booked them first right after I got engaged since I just fell in love with their shots at my friends wedding.

WaW Weddings Harol and Len1

WaW Weddings Harol and Len2Video: Joaquin Ambata
It was my coordinator that suggested him. She said that what’s unique about him is he really makes an effort to make each of his videos unique, depending on the couples personality. Look through his work and you will see how unique each video is. This is the link to our SDE.

Bridal and entourage gown Ryan Madamba
I loooove my gown! He became my friend and I loooove how he stayed beside me during the wedding and how he prayed with me before the church door opened. He is real nice and talented. We both love Ellie Saab, so if that’s your style, simple and elegant do check him out. His instagram is @byryanmadamba

WaW Weddings Harol and Len3

WaW Weddings Harol and Len4Coat: Gardini
Easy transaction, looks good and very affordable. I highly recommend them. They also rent suits so should your entourage need one you can recommend them.

WaW Weddings Harol and Len5Make up artist Chi Chi Sotomil
Perfect!!!! I did a lot of trial make-ups with various make-up artists. I am very particular with make-up. She is just perfect. She did both my pre-nup and wedding day make-up. I will return to her for special events.

WaW Weddings Harol and Len6Entourage Mua: Joy Ramirez
His team is the one in charge of all my grad pics since med school. Very affordable at 800 per head within Manila and 1000 if out of town (Rates apply as of Len’s wedding). Everyone looked pretty. They also arrived very early and can d0 make-ups very fast with high quality.

WaW Weddings Harol and Len24Coordinator: Joed See Events
Joed is my grade school friend so I booked her right away. Without bias, I can say her team is amazing. I had no problems during the wedding day and the days before that. Highly recommended.

Flowers Sweetstems
I got to know her through WaW and I liked her posts at Facebook. I loved my bridal bouquet and so did the

WaW Weddings Harol and Len8Host: Darlene Tan Salazar
Stress-free. The guests all raved about how good she is. And it’s like having a second coordinator. I really don’t need to explain how good she is. Everyone knows about her here at WaW.

Invites: Global Invitations
Pros: cheap and really good-looking. Everyone can’t stop raving about our passport invite. Everyone loved it. They’re a bit to transact with, though, so you have to be super duper kulit like me.

WaW Weddings Harol and Len9Cake: Joy San Gabriel
Her cake just tastes soooooo good and her style is very elegant. They are also so sweet as they gave us wedding presents. Joy San Gabriel can be more expensive compared to other cake suppliers but if taste is important to you, you will love her. Amaretto is such a winner!

WaW Weddings Harol and Len10Caterer: k by Cunanan
They were my non-negotiable. Everyone can’t stop talking about how good the food is. I also love their styling ever since. It was a bit hard to transact with them and the response time was long. Communication, however,  improved weeks before my wedding so it was worth it.

WaW Weddings Harol and Len23

Preps: Villa Ibarra
I booked them since the hotel has a good view and only has eight rooms. It was easy to reserve all the rooms, which we did. So, the night before it was only family in the whole hotel.

WaW Weddings Harol and Len11

WaW Weddings Harol and Len12Church: San Antonio de Padua Silang
Perfect is all I have to say.

WaW Weddings Harol and Len13

WaW Weddings Harol and Len15

WaW Weddings Harol and Len16

Reception: Two Gardens Tagaytay
I fell in love with this place at first sight. Easy transaction, kind owners, beautiful garden.

WaW Weddings Harol and Len14

Prenup Photographer: Allan Lizardo
He is based in Singapore but goes home here sometimes. A WaW Directory classified ads find, he is really good and very affordable.

Souvenir: Flipbooks
We were not able to get one for us. They closed early kasi may next wedding. Guests enjoyed it, though.

Band: Mhadz and Dzhei
Very good and very affordable. Easy to transact with them. No regrets at all.

WaW Weddings Harol and Len25

Rings: Mayfair

WaW Weddings Harol and Len20

I’m also happy with rest of my suppliers. They did not cause any headache.
Lights and sounds: Artuz101
Generator: All Scope
LED Wall: Metrotech
Crew Meal: Packed Gourmet
Bridal Car: Don Roberts Studebaker
Rings: Mayfair
Souvenir from divi personalized shot glasses from Tabora. Really good-looking at 20 per piece with packaging na.

How did the WeddingsAtWork community help you during wedding preps?

A lot. Not only did WaW help me scout for suppliers but more importantly, I was able to meet a lot of good friends. These are brides who shared the same anxiety with me about preparing for a wedding. And it’s only fellow brides to be that will understand how stressful it is to prepare for one.

What are the advantages/perks of being a WaWie?

Amazing new friends. Learning about supplier feedback is a bonus.

Message or tips to WaW community?
I think that it’s better to meet the people in person. So if you have time to attend at least one of the community’s events, do so. Meeting Mimma is always a pleasure. Looking at how she has started this community is amazing. Weddings are one of the happiest yet sometimes stressful events in ones life and what better way to prepare for it than to meet new friends and have tons of fun and girl chikahan along the way.


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