Grooms’ Look of Love

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They say that a wedding is a woman’s big day. But these photos show that the grooms also know just how special their wedding day is.

N@wie Monique ni John Mateos Ong

John Mateos Ong ni Monique

N@wie Anne ni Mark

Mark ni Anne

N@wie Agie ni Ejhaye

Ejhaye ni Agie

N@Wie Aimee ni Archie

Archie ni Aimee

N@wie Aiza ni Ron

Ron ni Aiza

N@Wie Ayn ni Loy

Loy ni Ayn

N@wie Anna ni Karl

Karl ni Anna

N@Wie Chrissie ni Mark

Mark ni Chrissie

N@Wie Jay ni Pizza

Jay ni Pizza

N@wie Jenki ni Nunui

Nunui ni Jenki

N@wie Johann ni Ian

Ian ni Johann

N@wie Mandy ni Allan

Allan ni Mandy

N@Wie Michelle ni Jay

Jay ni Michelle

N@Wie Pittipat ni Jojo

Jojo ni Pittipat

N@Wie Shyr ni Jojo

Jojo ni Shyr

Wawie Jay ni Nikki

Jay ni Nikki

Jaypee ni Pat

Jaypee ni Pat


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