Groom Outfit 101

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Barong – embroidered formal attire for men, usually the base is pina or jusi cloth; thus, an undershirt is needed

Suit – formal attire for men basically made up of a jacket and trousers of the same cloth/material; requires an inner long-sleeved shirt and a tie.

Suspenders – worn to keep the pants in place (given that there are no belt slots)

    Vest – worn on top of the long sleeved undershirt and under the suit jacket. This  makes the suit ensemble more formal and is     always worn with a necktie.

Tuxedo – basically looks like a suit but has a satin lining on the jacket lapel, the pocket, and the sides of the pants/trousers. It is usually paired with a bowtie.

Suit barong – a combination between a suit and a barong, a suit, because it is thicker than the usual barong, and a barong, because it has embroidery

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