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Humans of WaW Eni Sotor

What is your WaW story?
I learned about WaW from a former colleague who had her wedding in 2011. She kept raving about how helpful the forum was during her wedding preps. From then on, I promised to myself that once we start planning for our wedding, I will make sure to be a member of [email protected] first, so when my husband proposed I did not have second thoughts in joining WaW.

Though I was an overseas bride, I was able to get to know about our wedding suppliers through WaW. It was indeed a very helpful community. WaWies were always ready to give advice and support when I had questions. We booked most of our suppliers online judging them mostly from reviews written by WaWies only.

We can’t thank Mimma and Didda enough for establishing this online community. Through this group, we gained some new friends 🙂 It’s amazing that during EBsm maski online lang kayo nag-uusap-usap before eh parang close na close na agad ang mga WaWies.

I partly regret na overseas-based ako because I have never had a chance to attend a WaW Christmas party. Hanggang tingin na lang ng pictures. Hahaha! And oh, I have never won anything in the WaW Auction. I guess I was too slow (and too stingy) to bid 😉

I am keeping our WaW tag and pins until forever. I will always be proud to have been a WaWie and now a NaWie 🙂 Marlon and I will never get tired of promoting this group to all the people we know who’ll be getting married soon.

In five sentences, who are you?
My passion is to teach young children. The highlights of my days at work are when I see children’s eyes light up when they learn or try something new, when they are suddenly able to write the letters in their names or do something they weren’t previously able to do. I get as excited as they do. I love arts and craft. I guess being a preschool teacher helped me a lot in finishing my wedding DIYs. My long patience has been very beneficial during my wedding preps as I was able to keep my cool during the most stressful and ‘bridezilla-provoking’ days 🙂

   Eni Jumadas-Sotor
     Joined WaW in 2010; NaWie since 2011

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