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We are introducing our very first regular columnist. Her love for colors made her the most fitting one for this topic. Give her any color and she’d be able to find you a good mood board. Her love and respect for all colors makes her a great color guru. Plus, she was once an event stylist way back when the word hasn’t been coined yet. Presenting Color Play by Tisha Rosales.

Welcome to Color Play! Here we’ll talk about different color palettes and how they play a crucial part in making your wedding truly your own. I’ve always loved colors and over the years I can say I’ve changed my “favorite color” repeatedly not because of fickle-mindedness but simply because of the range of emotions a person goes through in her lifetime. My fascination with colors lies in their ability to capture a mood, a feeling, a temperament. It’s like being locked in a dance with life yet being free to feel the emotion of that fleeting instant.

Those moments, described in hues of emotions, are what Color Play is all about. And in what better life occasion can we experience this than in a wedding. I can’t imagine a wedding without color. The wedding color is an expression of the unconditional love and respect a bride and a groom have foe each other. They allow for each individual’s taste to come out and be a part of the celebration of their union.

On Color Play we will explore the different hues that help create that perfect wedding that you can call your own. If you’re still looking for your weddings colors, maybe this blog can assist you!

WaW Color Play Blush

For my very first color palette, I chose blush. We have to admit that weddings bring out the hopeless romantics in us and in the language of color there is that particular shade of pink that captures the gentleness that only true love can bring. It is the softest shade of pink that mirrors the peace a bride feels as she basks in the love of her soon-to-be husband.

Flowers in the shades of blush are at their most romantic. Roses and peonies deliver the best impact. Adding a few blooms in white create the perfect counter play. For finishing, sprinkle the lightest green.

The play on fabrics of this color palette offers countless options for the entourage. Mothers can choose the more formal hue of champagne while bridesmaids can opt for a flirty mix of nude, pale rose and pale blush. Flower girls can go for the giggly blush. Men have no problem adapting these otherwise feminine shades. The subtlety of the colors brings out the soft bear in them.

Now for the bride’s gown. The traditional wedding white would definitely be the primary choice, accented by a hint of blush around her waist via a satin belt. Or for the more independent lady, a gown in the palest shade of blush and in whispers of layered fabric will undoubtedly bring out her beauty.

Add a glitter of pale gold here and there and the ensemble is complete.

Soft, subtle, romantic – captured in blush.


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  1. Mary Jane Mendoza


    How would you do it if its yellow and red? My favorite color is yellow while my fiance is red.
    Looking forward to your insights 🙂


  2. April

    Hi what do you think of the colors blush, champagne, and with an accent of silver or gray as the wedding motiff?

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