Church Requirements for Marriage with Foreigners

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1. Clearance: Foreigners who wish to apply for marriage with a Filipino citizen must first secure clearance from the Archdiocesan Chancery Office at the Arzobispado de Manila, 121 Arzobispo St., Intramuros, Manila (near Manila Cathedral). This clearance must be submitted to the Parish Office upon filing of application for the wedding.

2. Baptismal Certificate: This must the original and obtained not more than three months from the wedding date. It must have the annotation: “FOR MARRIAGE PURPOSE ONLY.” This is a requirement for BOTH bride and groom whether they are Catholic or not.

3. Certification of Freedom to Marry: This can be obtained from the Catholic Pastor, Protestant Minister or the Embassy of the foreigner.

4. Marriage License: This can be obtained from the civil authorities; or a Marriage Contract if already married with the civil registry number.

5. Permission and Certification of Singularity: This can be obtained from the parish of the bride if she is Catholic. CENOMAR (Certificate of No Marriage Record) may also be obtained at the National Statitics Office in leiu of this.

6. Marriage Banns: These have to be posted for three consecutive Sundays.

Additional Requirements for Specific Cases

For Military personnel: a Military clearance has to be secured from the base military authorities specifically from the immediate Commanding Offices ONLY if any of the parties belong to the military.

For Non-Catholics: A certification of his/her legal capacity to marry. Has to be obtained from his/her embassy or from the country of origin.

For Mixed-Marriages: A dispensation from the impediment of mixed marriage/religion (Disparitas Cultas) has to be obtained if necessary.

Widow and Widower: The death certificate of the former spouse has to be presented to the parish office.

For Divorced parties: A document of the Declaration of Nullity promulgated by the Catholic Memorial Tribunal or a certification from the Bishop of the party that he/she is free to marry has to be presented to the Archdiocesan Chancery Office for authentication and clearance.

For American citizens: visit this page for a detailed discussion of the necessary requirements.

For Japanese citizens: A clearance must be obtained from Fr. Toru Nishimoto, CSSR. His office is at Traveller’s Life Bldg., T.M. Kalaw St., Ermita, Manila.

For Chinese citizens: A clearance must be obtained from Msgr. Peter Tsao, SVD. His office is at the St. Jude Parish, J.P. Laurel St., San Miguel, Manila. Tel No.: 735.6408.

For other nationalities: Ask your respective embassy here in the Philippines for any requirement needed before getting married wih a Filipino national. A complete listing of Foreign Embassies in the Philippines is posted at the Department of Foreign Affairs’ Diplomatic and Consular List (countries are listed alphabetically).


  1. Stephen santhosh

    I am Indian and I will marry Filipino girl so what the papers need to prepare when I getting marrige before.

    I am RC Christian also

  2. Angel

    I am pilipina and my boyfriend is from Hungary, he is asking what are the requirements of getting marriage here in Philippines.

    1. Team WaW

      Hi Angel. You might want to join our community of brides and grooms. We have a forum wherein you can ask your questions. Other couples can share their personal experiences with you related to your concerns. To register, kindly fill up the form on this page: Thanks!

  3. Aniela lama

    Hi im pilipina and my husband is a nepali buddhist we want to remarried again here in Philippines in Catholic Church,what are the requirements we need..thank u

  4. Berline

    Hi im filipina and catholic and my fiance is australian ..we are planning to marry this year december 2.. what are documents that my fiancee needed to submit?.thanks

  5. Aileen

    Fr nishimoto has already passed away. Who is his successor that we can contact? My fiancee is japanese.

  6. Charlene V. de los Santos

    Hi,I am a filipina and my fiance is from Canada.And we are planning to get married next year here. I’m going to ask if what are the needed requirements for our marriage soon.Thank you and God Bless

  7. Michelle S.

    Hi I’m a Filipina and my bf is an American citizen. He is Catholic as well. He had been married before civilly but has been divorced since. Is it possible to get married in Catholic church here in the Philippines? Any special requirements? Thanks.

  8. Clarise Cel Ilagan

    Hi im clariz,i am a filipina and my bf is from nebraska,we are planning to get married here in philippines next year..i just wanna ask what is the requirements need on both sides.thank you.

  9. Christy

    Hi! I’m Filipina and My husband is from Netherlands, we already married in Holland for civil wedding, nevertheless, we are planning to have our church wedding in the Philippines. Now I just wanna know what are the requirements needs to provide. Thank you

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