Cheryl Chan-Wong

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Humans of WaW Cheryl Chan

What is your [email protected] story?
I was an overseas bride planning a Manila wedding from Hong Kong. I was concern that even though my parents were there to help us, it was something we wanted to have a wedding that was “us.”

WaW helped me scour for dependable and reputable suppliers and also informed me of possible problems that might arise during a wedding so we were all prepared. One of them is to have specific requirements/requests be put on paper so there will be accountability and a structured instruction to give the other people who would use the contract as a basis for their preparation. Also, a couple should realize that you do not need the best caker, musician, photographer, videographer, decorator/stylist/florist, etc. What matters is the journey and the union of two wonderful people.

I will not say that my wedding was perfect since I later found out that there were a few problems but my coordinator and back-ups during that day all took care of it without having to inform me. It was a day of celebration, love and support by everyone around us.

In five sentences, who are you?
I am a wife to a supportive and wonderful husband, a mother of two beautifuly children, a follower of attachment parenting and passionate advocates of gentle birthing, breastfeeding and babywearing.

     Cheryl Chan-Wong
     Joined WaW in 2006; NaWie since 2007

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