Cherish Betina Regencia

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Humans of WaW Cherish Betina Regencia

What is your [email protected] story?
WaW will forever be in my heart. I never thought I would be this attached to the group. They’ve proved me that this isn’t just about weddings, this is about sisterhood. I will not forget that they never left me alone, especially during those times that I needed someone to cheer me up. They’re a bunch of great cheerleaders! They’re stories have inspired me to keep going and never give up! I love [email protected] and I’m so grateful being part of it. Never ending thanks, WaW family!

In five sentences, who are you?
I am a very hands-on bride. Being OC by nature, it became a habit for me to check each supplier’s work even though they’re not our suppliers. Hahaha! I love flowers, I love taking pictures and I love intimate weddings, and that reflects what you will see in our wedding next year. With only 100 pax, we will make sure that our wedding will be just intimate but totally magnificent in our own way!

Cherish Betina Regencia
Joined WaW in 2014

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