“We believe getting married should not be beyond the reach of the poor…”

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That’s the line that struck me in the email inviting us to witness first-hand a mass wedding organized by a Christ-centered development organization.  KMBI (Kabalikat para sa Maunlad na Buhay, Inc.) helps in transforming lives in poor communities and develop its human resources by providing sustainable micro-finance, training, and demand-driven non-financial services. Although we couldn’t come due to a previous commitment, we asked them to tell us how the day went by sending us their story and some images after the event. Wedding was set last June 25 (Saturday), the day Typhoon Falcon stormed Metro Manila. The flooding around the venue made up for some very interesting wedding pictures. Here’s their story… – – – – – – – – – – Rain and floodwater did not stop them! 563 couples in 66 branches nationwide exchanged vows and tied the knot despite of Falcon’s raging winds and rain as KMBI spearheaded its annual mass wedding. “Malaki ang tulong nito. Una, spiritually blessed ka ng God, blessed ka ng minister, blessed kang society… so malaki ang benefit nito,” says Mr. Joel Clavecilla, branch manager of Tandang Sora, Quezon City. It was an emotional, spiritual and fun-filled event as the couples made …

Gender-bender: Here comes the Flower Fella!

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Soon-to-weds welcome the newest member of their wedding entourage, and the role is not for the faint-hearted.  Here’s an excerpt from the New York Times: For her otherwise traditional Filipino Catholic wedding last October in Mountain View, Calif., Jen Fernando chose her friend Sean Hopkins, 37, to be the “flower fella.” “She thought it was the perfect way to represent our friendship because it was totally our sense of humor,” Mr. Hopkins said. “When it had to be approved by the priest, I thought that would be it, but he was tickled by the idea.” The crowd at St. Joseph, a Roman Catholic church, cheered as Mr. Hopkins tossed silk rose petals onto the carpeted path from an onion-shaped basket wrapped in silver ribbon. “I was nervous,” he said. “When I took the first petals out, I saw my hand shaking and I heard whispers, but then everyone started laughing so I could let go.” As gender roles in weddings have gradually blurred, it is less rare for the bride and bridegroom to have opposite-sex attendants or so-called honor attendants.  The gendered wedding is breaking down, which is allowing heterosexuals to play with the stereotypes in a way they didn’t …

Zombies attack a Trash-the-Dress session!

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Trash-the-dress is a post-wedding pictorial session where the bride literally gets down & dirty in full bridal frou frou.  It’s not for everybody, especially those who are quite sentimental about their couture bridal gowns. The trash-the-dress pictorial featured below is inspired by the horror-survival video game “Left 4 Dead.” Here’s the action-packed, movie poster-treatment in one shot: Photographer Jervy Santiago said Ingle & Aimee are big fans of the game. Props to Jervy and his team from Visionary Photo Hub for doing styling and production design in this pictorial complete with costume, props and prosthetics.  The whole thing actually played out like stills from a movie shoot. The concept is so unique, it was even featured in kotaku.com – an online gamer’s guide based in the US. As with every story, there is a mandatory parting-shot of our protagonists…. See the whole set from this trash-the-dress session.

from Pinoy wedding superstitions, to the President’s lovelife: [email protected] got it covered! ;)

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Ninoy & Cory’s wedding | 11Oct1954 When a dove landed on the bride’s head, the old folks believed it was an omen that she would be president someday.   People Power 25th Anniversary | 25Feb2011 Now when a dove landed on the bachelor President’s head, does that mean he would be a groom someday?

For better or for worse, come hell or high water

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That’s how the Inquirer banner story reads last January 13.  The accompanying story is about a couple, Ryan Cuebillas & Glenda Lorenzo of Legaspi, Albay, who managed to get married last December 27, 2010 despite the rising floodwater in their city.  The bride even had to hitch a ride on a truck just to get to the church. Ryan & Glenda’s inspiring wedding ordeal also appeared in Manila Bulletin for its new year’s day edition (read story below). The photographs accompanying the story are courtesy of Gil Alpapara of D’ Lokz Studio based in Legaspi City. (via Manila Bulletin) It was supposed to be just a simple tying of the knot of two ordinary lovers, but ended as a talk-of-the-town wedding when bad weather that almost canceled the ceremony rattled everyone here, that even forced local disaster officials here to send military trucks and rescue teams just to make sure that it would push through. It did and all the credits should be given to Glenda Lorenzo who virtually moved heaven and earth on their rainy and flooded wedding day last Thursday in Albay just to attain what she and her sweetheart Ryan Cuebillas dreamed of. Glenda was trapped in …

‘Dashing’ Bride barely made it to her wedding march!

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Meet Darlene. She is a [email protected] who has recently gotten married to Gboy. Their altar date was set last April 17, 2010 in Tagaytay. Wedding ceremony was slated at 1PM but during that time, vehicular traffic was on a standstill because of the Tour of Luzon bikeathon, and in the midst of the gridlock was this classic Mustang bridal car. The bride got a call from her wedding planner informing her that she would have to forgo her bridal march if she arrived 30 minutes after the scheduled ceremony. Left with no other choice, the bride scooped her skirt, train, and veil of her Veluz wedding gown and started dashing towards the direction of the church. Following Darlene’s lead was her bridesmaid and her make-up artist, Eddie Bruan. Upon seeing them on the street, the photo and video guys also got out of their vehicle. Oly Ruiz of Metro Photo captured in multiple shots as the bride emerged in the two-way gridlock. “After about 15 minutes of running, we came at the intersection where everything was clogged-up and asked — forced actually — a tricycle to take all of us (all seven of us) to the church which was another …

Couple held wedding reception at McDonald’s!

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(photo by KJ Rosales) On June 5, 2010, Roger Francis Alcantara and Noemi Katrina dela Paz (Roj & 3na to the [email protected]) tied the knot at the Mary Immaculate Parish, better known as ‘Nature Church’ in Las Piñas City.  But what got their nuptials featured in Manila Bulletin was the fact that they held their reception in a McDonald’s outlet! Below is an excerpt from the said article: With “I do’s” already exchanged, the newly-married couple treated their guests to the brand of fast food that they both love. Yes, the wedding reception – or “recess,” as the couple likes to call it – took place at a McDonald’s branch along Alabang-Zapote road. It was a wedding party that was like a children’s party — and perhaps the first-ever wedding reception in a McDonald’s outlet — with an even more playful twist. The chocolate wedding cake (by Truffle Park Co.) was fashioned to look like a Big Mac, McDonald’s flagship double-layered burger; instead of Roger and Noemi, two McDonald’s mascots were made to do the traditional Filipino Catholic wedding “money dance” while the 120 or so guests who filled the particular branch took home popular “Happy Meal” toys. And to …

A firetruck for a bridal car!

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We’re not kidding! Last night, we saw this picture posted by event stylist Teddy Manuel.  It got us curious. 🙂 (photo and flowers by Teddy Manuel) As soon as we saw it, we immediately thought the groom’s probably a volunteer firefighter. We were sooo wrong. It was actually the bride who’s in the fire brigade (she’s a volunteer firemedic)! COOL. The bride is actually Kimberly Tan — the wedding host!  And she just got married to Gerald Evangelista yesterday. Here’s a shot of the kissing newlyweds atop the firetruck.  Some stunt! 😀 (photo by John Mateos Ong) Cheers to Kimerald!  (sorry, couldn’t resist typing that).  😉

Bridal Bouquet sans Flowers!

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  (bridal bouquet by 7 Lily) February weddings don’t have it easy. While its past the tail-end of the wedding peak season in the Philippines which is around December/January, it’s the time of the year when prices of blossoms soar to all-time-high due to huge demand in time for Valentine’s Day. And it’s not just the prices that’s the problem, the anxiety over the quality and quantity of stocks become also become major concern. The Dangwa Flower Market in Manila is so chaotic around this time that it feels like there’s a mad fiesta! With this in mind, we have invited some of the wedding industry’s finest florists to participate in a fun challenge: to make a bridal bouquet without using any flowers. It sounds crazy but these floral artisans immediately agreed the moment we presented them the idea. It is not our first time to involve suppliers in this kind of undertaking. In 2006, we asked the make-up artists for a Diva-to-Diva Makeover; and the designers, to sketch a Bridal Gown for P20k. In 2008, we had a Wedding Planners’ Challenge: How Low Can You Go? wherein detailed budget breakdown of the most affordable wedding they could muster good …

Defying Gravity: an Upside Down Wedding Cake

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Upside Down Wedding Cake by Grand Cakes We’ve all heard of upside-down cakes.  But an Upside Down Wedding Cake?! A quick search via Google Images would return very limited images.  Above is one of the couple of images that stood out.  It’s a neat trick, it’s creative, and it’s definitely an eye-catcher.  It’s amazing how cake artists make such a reverse, multi-tiered cake stand up without toppling over.  It an ‘engineering’ feat! It’s definitely for soon-to-weds who want to make a statement. Cutting a slice would take some figuring out though. 😉

9 fashion designers sketch Bella Swan’s wedding dress!

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The Twilight vampire romance novels have gained worldwide recognition, won multiple literary awards and sold over 70 million copies worldwide.  Pure fiction but its romance aspect got so many women swooning!  It even inspired peeps from InStyle.com to reached out to some of their favorite designers to see how they envision Bella Swan’s gown to be like. Where did they get their inspiration? Author Stephenie Meyer actually hinted on how the dress looks like in the last two installments of the Twilight series. In Eclipse (the third installment in the Twilight saga), Bella’s dress is described as an early 1900s design (which complements her antique engagement ring) with friend and Maid of Honor Alice Cullen’s modern tweaks to the train and veil. “You look like you just stepped out of an Austen movie,” Bella’s mother says to the bride-to-be when she spies her in the gown in the final book, Breaking Dawn. “It’s gorgeous! So graceful, so elegant.” Below is the list of the designers who participated with links to their Bella bridal sketches.  We’ve also provided links to each designer’s website to see their design portfolio. Monique Lhuillier (sketch | website) Erin Fetherston (sketch | website) Brian Reyes (sketch …

an Out-of-the-Box prenup pictorial

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Engagement sessions (or simply called ‘prenups’) are getting more and more creative, colorful, and complicated.  I was doing some random surfing searching, when I stumbled upon this photograph. I honestly don’t know if this concept has been done before, but it surely is my first time to see such.  The ‘naked’ hitch hikers are played by a real life couple, Adrian & Janice, who gamely displayed their stuff by the NLEX roadside, no less.  Here’s what Richrad Buan, their prenup photographer, has to say about the fun shoot. “It was a sunny and humid Saturday for a roadtrip prenup photo session. We started from NLEX, then Clark and lastly to Subic. We have this “Hitch” concept along NLEX together with the apprehensions if we could pull it through. Remember that even a known celebrity like Diana Zubiri was pressed with charges by the city government. Everyone was game to the idea.  Adrian & Janice started hitching along NLEX. Speeding cars, buses and trucks were honking their horns. Few minutes later we heard a wailing siren of highway patrol! Ha ha ha…. Doing something extraordinary and unique are worth all the sweat and sunburn.” – – – – – – – …