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WaW Supplier’s Potluck Lunch

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December is considered to be the busiest month for wedding suppliers. It is during this time when you will hear of back-to-back-to-back events being the norm for all professionals in this industry. However, before the December madness settled in this year, some of the industry’s suppliers met up at The Mango Farm and discussed the state of the Philippine wedding industry. They discussed how they could improve the services that they offered and how they could adapt to a fluid and competitive market. There are fresher takes on photographs and more personal ways coordinators make their presence known. It has come to a point where new services that haven’t been thought about before are now being offered. The ingenuity and the entrepreneurial spirit of the Filipinos in this industry is on full display each year and this year is no different at all. The potluck lunch-slash-forum was headed owner and founder of Weddings at Work, Benz Co-Rana and was hosted by Dylan Gozum from The Mango Farm. The goal of the meeting is to help each other stand out when it comes to servicing the brides and grooms of the future. Some of the key takeaways from the open forum …

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Wedge/Platforms – the sole has gradual elevations from the toe to the heel; good for garden weddings since the sole is full on and doesn’t have points that could dig into the soil. Stiletto Heels – these are long, thin, pointy and more formal that a wedge or a platform heel; usually ranges from 2 to 5 inches Kitten Heels – small, short, and less pointy than a stiletto heel, usually up to 2 inches in height