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The WaW 2016 Top 10 Wedding Suppliers Video and Photo Shoot

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Last Friday, November 18, 2016, we kicked off the holidays with the Weddings at Work Annual Party at Blue Leaf Cosmopolitan in Libis, Quezon City. As with the previous years, we had the awarding ceremonies for the WaW 2016 Top 10 Suppliers (Top 11 this year). We present to you below the portraits shots of 9 out of the 11 suppliers taken by Manny & April Photography. This year, Forevermine Wedding Films was tasked to create the supplier videos. Here’s the one presenting the Top 10 Suppliers. The Top 5 We narrowed down the Top 10 to get the Top 5. Get to know them a bit on this video. WaW 2016 Top 5 Suppliers from Forevermine Wedding Films on Vimeo. And the award goes to….. Guess who the WaW 2016 Top Wedding Supplier is …. Imbitado Events! Waw 2016 Supplier of the Year from Forevermine Wedding Films on Vimeo. Congratulations to all of the Top 10 suppliers this year! Keep up the good work!   Shoot location: Antipolo Beehouse

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WaW 2015 Top 10 Supplier of the Year

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A tradition we started 11 years ago, The WaW Award. We ask the WaWies, members of WaW exclusive group for brides and grooms (if you wish to join just send a blank email to [email protected]) to nominate 5 suppliers they love best, admire most and would recommend proudly and here are the Top 10 names that came up. CamZar Photography Darlene Tan-Salazar (host) Events by Thoffy (planner) Foreveryday (photo) Gretchen Pichay (designer) Imbitado Events (planner) Manny & April Photography Mel Orlina (designer) Roxanne Bagano (designer) Val Villarin (make up) Of the 10, 8 are part of 2014 Top 10 Supplier of the Year and 2 are new addition, this batch we have 3 photographers, 1 event host, 2 wedding planners, 3 designers and 1 make up artist. Congratulations to our 2015 Top 10 Supplier of the Year! Now the WaWies will vote again from the list and pick who among them will be the 2015 Supplier of the Year! Awarding will be held at the WaW Christmas Party on November. Watch out for that!

Holy Sheaths! Another designer bagged the Supplier of the Year award!

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In 2005, Veluz brought home the Supplier of the Year award.  Cecilio Abad did the same SOTY feat in 2008. In last Friday’s celebration, designer Boy Kastner Santos of Sheaths Couture has been named Supplier of the Year in the 2011 [email protected] Awards! (photo by Paul Vincent Photography) Get to know more about him and the company in this previous [email protected] Chat episode. Tito Boy landed on top among the Top 10 suppliers as voted by this year’s batch of [email protected]  Here’s our Top 10 again as presented by Phoeben Teocson Cinema during our awards night . . . Our Top 10 (eleven actually!) gamely dressed up for the shoot.  The stills used as panels in this comics-style video is now posted in this storyboard photo blog by Paul Vincent.   And in case you missed it, listen to this special podcast episode featuring our Top 10 suppliers recoded the same day of the shoot. 🙂 But who among them joined Tito Boy in our Top 5? 

19 Top 10 – [email protected] Chat

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about this episode: this compilation of mini Q&As with the 2011 [email protected] Top 10 wedding suppliers were recorded off-studio during their AVP shoot as conceptualized by Phoeben Teocson Cinema.  Said video will be part of the awarding ceremonies to be held this Friday within the [email protected] Christmas Party at 1Esplanade. Best of luck to our Top 10! 🙂 [sc_embed_player fileurl=”″] postscript: Right-click this link to save Episode 19. subscribe to [email protected] Chat via iTunes to automatically download our latest episodes. visit and LIKE the [email protected] Chat page in FB for related updates. 🙂

Announcing the Top 10 Wedding Suppliers of 2011!

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The [email protected] have spoken. A total of 175 wedding suppliers were nominated. Each vote tallied and tabulated.  Two suppliers were tied at the tenth spot so there are 11 names in this year’s lineup. Emerging at the Top 10 are two photographers, two caterers, two florists/stylists, a gown designer, a makeup artist, a videographer, a cake maker, and a wedding emcee. Among all of them, six were previous nominees in the past [email protected] Awards, while the other five are first-timers in the magic circle. Without further ado, here are the Top 10 Wedding Suppliers for The 2011 [email protected] Awards (in alphabetical order): Beatrice by Sheaths Couture | Boy Kastner Santos Chug Cadiogan (video) Imagine Nation Phototography Jayson & Jo Anne Arquiza (photo) Joy San Gabriel (cakes & desserts) K by Cunanan Catering Loi Floral Sense by Serge Igonia Missy Ferrer-Litao (emcee) Passion Cooks (catering) Val Villarin (hair & makeup) Vatel Manila | Dylan Gozum (flowers & styling) As of today, our Top 10 are all on equal footing as the [email protected] vote anew to determine our Top 5, and ultimately, the 2011 Supplier of the Year. Winners will be formally announced during the [email protected] Christmas Party & Awards Night to …

RejectKrew is the 2010 [email protected] Supplier of the Year!

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  after-party antics: Elmer Bautista of RejectKrew ‘tossed’ and carried by fellow Top 5 winners — Jayson Arquiza and Phoeben Teocson (photo by Paul Vincent) If the applause from the party crowd was any indication, you’d say that RejectKrew (lights & sounds) is a clear favorite of the [email protected]! In Elmer’s acceptance speech, he thank his hardworking team declaring that they are the ‘Krew’ in the company name.  Then came his clincher: “Ako po yung reject!”  😀 But before the announcement of 2010 Supplier of the Year, [email protected] formally presented the Top 10 Wedding Suppliers through this video by CinemaWorks. Shot on location at The Mango Farm in Antipolo, it was Marvi’s idea to shoot in the great outdoors, in contrast with the studio interviews done in the past [email protected] Awards. So here they are again: [email protected]’s Top 10 Suppliers of 2010…        Chug Cadiogan (video) • Daniel Lei Studio (photo/video) • Jayson & Jo Anne Arquiza (photo) • Josiah’s Catering • K by Cunanan Catering • Once a Bride | Chi Hernandez-Abarquez (planning) • Perfect 10 Weddings  | Darlene Tan-Salazar (planning) • Phoeben Teocson Cinema (video) • Rejectkrew (lights & sounds) • Vatel Manila | Dylan Gozum …

The Top 10 Wedding Suppliers for 2010!

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The [email protected] have spoken.  Over 180 wedding suppliers were nominated.  Everything tallied and tabulated. Emerging at the the Top 10 are two wedding planners (both are former [email protected]!), two caterers, two photographers, two videographers, a florist, and a lights & sounds company. Among them, five were nominees in previous [email protected] Awards, while the other five are first-timers in the magic circle. Without further ado, here are the Top 10 Wedding Suppliers for The 2010 [email protected] Awards!

Raymond Fortun named 2009 Supplier of the Year!

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THE [email protected] HAVE SPOKEN! (photo by Paul Vincent) We would like to congratulate Raymond Fortun for being named the 2009 Supplier of the Year (SOTY) in this year’s [email protected] Awards in ceremonies held at the Blue Leaf Events Pavilion. It’s been one amazing crossover of a man from the courtroom to the altar. Raymond is part of the Top Ten (actually 11 for there was a tie in one slot) wedding suppliers for 2009.  They were formally introduced via video presentations especially done for us by Chug Cadiogan. The production of the video took several days for Chug and his team did not just interview the awardees; but followed each of them while at work, and even shot ‘mini-me’ versions of each supplier complete with props and costume! We’re presenting these clips here in the same order the were presented last night. Here’s our Top 10 (in order of interview/appearance): Bob Nicolas (video), Angel of Hearts (flowers), Jayson & JoAnne Arquiza (photo),  Eloquente Catering, k. by Cunanan Catering, Josiah’s Catering, Phoeben Teocson Cinema, Nice Print (photo), Rejectkrew (mobile),  Raymond Fortun (photo), and Threelogy (video). From the list above comes the Top 5 Wedding Suppliers of 2009! And finally, the man of the hour: …

The 2009 [email protected] Awards ‘Hotseat’ Pictorial

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Way before our announcement of the Top 10 wedding suppliers for 2009, photorapher Erron Ocampo approached us and volunteered to do a pictorial of the nominees with his fiancé, Jesy Alto doing the makeup and styling.  Due to a tie in the rankings, we have eleven names this year. “Hotseat” was their concept and even brought a country-style La-Z-Boy recliner to the studio by fitting it in the backseat of their car! Erron then had each wedding supplier pose near the furniture without actually letting them sit on it.  So who will take the seat and be named the 2009 Supplier of the Year? Checkout this year’s gallery of nominees.

Announcing the Top 10 Wedding Suppliers for 2009 [email protected] Awards!

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The [email protected] have already decided.  For the second time in The [email protected] Awards history, eleven wedding suppliers landed in our Top 10 for 2009.  For the first time, three caterers and three videographers are included in the magic list.  Also included are three photographers, a florist, and a mobile (lights & sounds) provider.Here they are in alphabetical order: Angels of Heart (flowers) Bob Nicolas (video) Eloquente Catering Jayson & JoAnne Arquiza (photo) Josiah’s Catering k. by Cunanan Catering Nice Print (photo) Phoeben Teocson Cinema Raymond Fortun (photo) Rejectkrew (mobile) Threelogy (video) The Top 10 are all on equal footing as the [email protected] will vote anew to determine our Top 5, and ultimately, the 2009 [email protected] Supplier of the Year. Winners will be formally announced during the awarding ceremonies cum Christmas Party to be held on November 27 (Friday), with Blue Leaf Events Pavillion hosting this annual event. Congrats to our Top 10! 🙂

Cecilio Abad is the 2008 Supplier of the Year!

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(photo by Oly Ruiz of MetroPhoto) Another gown designer took home the “[email protected]”! From up the stage, we could see Cecilio Abad as his name was announced. We saw how all the girls he dressed-up went around him to kiss, hug and wipe his tears away (parang Miss U!). We also saw how all the photographers aimed their lenses to that table to capture the moment. Cecil was still in tears as he made his acceptance speech. What made it more touching was that he brought his whole staff with him up the stage. He also made mention of how Veluz (2005 Supplier of the Year) helped him in running his couture business. Truly, a testament of the industry’s community spirit which is essentially the “theme” of the whole event. We asked Bob Nicolas to do the [email protected] Awards AVP for this year. To say that Bob simply delivered is a great disservice to the guy. He (with his wife Lette) rented a state-of-the-art studio for the interview of the Top 10, and even went to actual weddings (not his clients’) just to capture clips of these suppliers at work. Really, the guy is always all about pushing the limit. …

Mugshots: [email protected]’s Most Wanted!

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  (photo by J&J – Jayson & Jo Anne Arquiza) Since the last [email protected] Awards, we schedule pictorial with all the TOP 10 nominees during the AVP shoot.  This year, we hammed it up in front of the camera with the 2008 Top 10 wedding suppliers  to join in the fun! 🙂 The mugshot concept is by the J&J photo tandem — that’s Jayson & Jo Anne Arquiza.  The idea was further enhanced with the addition of “criminal charges” as suggested by their fellow nominee — Atty. Raymond Fortun.  How appropriate, right?  Talk about collaboration! 🙂 If you’re part of the [email protected]’s facebook network (both Benz & I are now certified FB addicts in bad need of rehab!), you’ve probably seen some of these mugshots in our profile pic the past week or two.  But we’re sharing here for the first time the entire set of mugs taken by J&J.  It’s hilarious! 😛 See this slideshow.

[email protected] reveals its Top 10 Wedding Suppliers for 2008!

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Yes, it’s The [email protected] Awards season yet again! And since The 2008 [email protected] Awards is happening during [email protected]’s 10th Anniversary Celebration, we deemed it fitting that we have a new look and a new logo for the awards. The artwork is based on the figurative sculpture design for the new “Wedding Supplier of the Year” trophy — a commissioned art piece by sculptor Paul Quiaño (he’s the same guy who did the sculpture of the young Rizal & his mother reading a book installed at the National Teachers College seen along Legarda St. in Manila). But let’s get back to the order of business today.  Here are the TOP TEN nominees for the 2008 Wedding Supplier of the Year in alphabetical order. Cecilio Abad (gown designer) Events by Clarice (events planner) Jayson Arquiza (photographer) Josiah’s (catering) K by Cunanan (catering) Nice Print (photographer) PartyPics (photo booth) Phoeben Teocson (videography) Raymund Fortun (photographer) Threelogy (videography) The [email protected] have revealed their choices. While most of the names which landed on the magic list were Top 10 nominees from previous years, four are first timers.  And yes, the familiar lawyer’s name included in the list is not the name sake. He is the …