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The WaW Bridal Fair Online

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Weddings at Work has always aimed to make wedding planning as easy as possible for brides and grooms. In effort to do just that, we have created the WaW Bridal Fair Online last January 2016, which allowed soon-to-wed to attend a bridal fair in the comfort of their own home. Yes, no need to get out of your pajamas just to gain access to discounts and promos from your favorite wedding suppliers! When It All Started When we were planning our wedding, we were one of the first few couples in the country to have a website. Now, every other couple has their own blog, Pinterest board, wedding sites. Things do change! I remember having to meet all our suppliers and paying them in person. There was no way around it – we had to meet with them. But with the traffic situation now, just thinking of leaving the house might give you a headache (Just think of EDSA and Waze’s red roads!). Besides, now, brides can always communicate with their suppliers through social media, SMS, and what have you’s. Personal meetings are not a must like it used to be. Even down payments can be done online! So, we …

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The Story Behind Atom Ungson’s Marriage Proposal to Carissa Luna

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From Mimma Benz: I love the behind the scenes, the story behind, how the plan was made and how it was executed. When I saw Atom’s proposal photos posted online, I knew I wanted the inside bits, the how, the who and the whats. So, I asked Atom to share with us his proposal “kwento” and thankfully he obliged. Congratulations Atom & Carissa! Wishing you the very best! Here’s the “kwento” in Atom’s words. All girls like flowers. No doubt about that. But my girlfriend Carissa’s appreciation for flowers is different. She just really, really loves them. She’ll take photos of colorful flowers, whether big or small, and it always puts a smile on her face. So I thought that the best place to propose would be in a field of flowers. Started planning in January of this year. But after searching for a beautiful field of flowers in Tagaytay, and all the way in Baguio, and even in Atok, Benguet, I found none that matched what I was looking for. So I went for Plan B. I decided to put a “field” of flowers at the upper lobby of The Peninsula. Why Peninsula: Because it is very significant to …

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Wedding Videographer Ian and Shy Cruz’s Breathtaking Batanes Wedding

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Ian Cruz, the videographer,  has been with Shy Duran for 15 years now. They have 2 kids and the plan to marry has long been there but the date and details just didn’t fall into place. Last January, when Shy and friends were discussing their Christmas dinner, the discussion turned into jokes and banter for her wedding instead and before she knew it, that was the catalyst that started the wedding planning. The seed had been planted but no moves were made until 3 months before the planned wedding date when they started to seriously put plans into action. By March, Shy freaked out and started seriously working on the wedding. Though the wedding was going to be really intimate with less than 50 guests, there was still a lot to plan. Once they started, things just fell into place. They got their wedding suppliers eagerly and happily saying “yes” to be part of their wedding. Their wedding date being the day after the election was probably why the suppliers were all available. The couple was also able to ask fellow videographer and mentors Jason Magbanua and Bob Nicolas, to be their ninongs. Sadly, lone ninang Benz Rana was going …

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WaW 2015 Top 10 Supplier of the Year

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A tradition we started 11 years ago, The WaW Award. We ask the WaWies, members of WaW exclusive group for brides and grooms (if you wish to join just send a blank email to [email protected]) to nominate 5 suppliers they love best, admire most and would recommend proudly and here are the Top 10 names that came up. CamZar Photography Darlene Tan-Salazar (host) Events by Thoffy (planner) Foreveryday (photo) Gretchen Pichay (designer) Imbitado Events (planner) Manny & April Photography Mel Orlina (designer) Roxanne Bagano (designer) Val Villarin (make up) Of the 10, 8 are part of 2014 Top 10 Supplier of the Year and 2 are new addition, this batch we have 3 photographers, 1 event host, 2 wedding planners, 3 designers and 1 make up artist. Congratulations to our 2015 Top 10 Supplier of the Year! Now the WaWies will vote again from the list and pick who among them will be the 2015 Supplier of the Year! Awarding will be held at the WaW Christmas Party on November. Watch out for that!

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WaW Color Play: Shades of Gray

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There was a time when the thought of gray as a wedding color was unheard of. Having a dull color for such a happy occasion doesn’t fit. Fast forward to today when gray and all its shades have become on trend. It has enjoyed blockbuster success on the fashion scene because despite its seemingly bland color, gray is actually versatile. Gray has shades, perhaps even more than 50. Let us mention a few. There’s charcoal gray, a shade standing on the darker spectrum. Then there’s ash gray, one of its coveted shades, a whisper above white mixed with the right proportion of dark gray resulting in a powdery hue. Then we have dove gray, the tint that evokes romance. Then there’s slate, appealing to the masculine and modern. There are more shades of gray to play with. That is why it makes for an interesting choice for weddings. So cast all shades of doubt for gray aside because versatile gray is here to stay! In fact, here at Color Play we will mix and match different colors to counter the dreary reputation of gray. GRAY AND YELLOW That pop of happy color stands out against the charcoal gray like a …

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WaW’s Bridal March Recommendations

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We asked our WaWies to share what their bridal march songs were and we came up with our playlist on Spotify. Here are some of what they shared. We hope this gives you ideas on what songs to play on your bridal march. 1. The Prayer by Andrea Bocelli 2. Beautiful by Joshua Kadison 3. Yellow by Coldplay 4. Ikaw ang Pangarap by Martin Nievera 5. Ikaw Lamang by Gary Valenciano 6. Panunumpa by Carol Banawa 7. Ikaw by Yeng Constantino 8. Smash into You by Beyonce 9. I Finally Found Someone by Barbra Streisand and Bryan Adams 10. May It Be by Enya

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Aisle Do: Table Numbers

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In this column, Ernest Pascual of Bespoke Manila talks about how to DIY your table numbers. With the help of Adrian Ardiente for photos, Ernest shows you how to add these personalized touches for your wedding. Make your table numbers interesting so as to complement your tablescape. Here’s what you need: • Papier mâché numbers • Abaca string • Faux flowers • Glue gun • Glue stick • A pair of scissors Here’s how to do it. Step 1: Tie a knot to secure one end of the abaca string on the papier mâché number Step 2: Wrap the string in around the number, making sure that the papier mâché is still seen. Step 3: Tie a knot at the end of the string. Step 4: Decorate the table number with faux flowers. Stick these flowers using the glue gun. The end result: Bespoke Tip: For your table numbers, choose a color that is different from that of the centerpiece. These numbers must be visible from a distance.   Read more of Ernest Pascual’s Aisle Do articles at

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Aisle Do: Twig Napkin Ring

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In this column, Ernest Pascual of Bespoke Manila talks about how to DIY your twig napkin ring. With the help of Adrian Ardiente for photos, Ernest shows you how to add these personalized touches for your wedding. Our aim is to give you and other soon-to-wed couples ideas on how you can personalize your wedding by doing simple do-it-yourself (DIY) projects. We also want to help you create some lovely details to make your wedding extra special. We will tell you what materials to source, the step-by-step procedure, and how the details we have designed look during an actual wedding. Twig Napkin Ring The dried twigs, hints of lilac, and silver touches on the twig napkin ring will make a pretty addition to your table setting. Here’s what you need: • Twigs • Wire • Faux flowers • Beads • Glue gun • Glue stick • A pliers of pliers Here’s how to do it. Step 1: Form a small wreath using the twigs. Step 2: Secure the trimmings and wreath with the wire. Step 3: Add beads on the wreath using the glue gun. The end result: Bespoke Tip: Since caterers/hotels fold napkins differently, endorse these napkin rings to …

London Fashion Week 2015

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The London Fashion Week just concluded its second run for the year and here are some of the bridal looks that paraded on the catwalk. Some of the designs are simple and fit for brides, who are looking for a natural and no-frills look.

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WaW Color Play: Blue and Purple

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Which hue are you? The color combo of blue and purple are not your typical wedding colors. The topic of wedding colors more often than not lands on the lighter shades. But there are those who gravitate towards the deeper shades. There is nothing dull about a blue and purple wedding. On the contrary, the colors are totally sophisticated and stylish. There is a boldness here that does not speak of flamboyance but of a confident and steadfast nature. Purple, in its deepest shade, looks best when paired with a brighter shade of blue such as royal blue. A perfect counterpoint, royal blue highlights the deep violet just like how sapphire would be beside amethyst. Bringing even lighter shades of purple such as lavender would definitely tease the playfulness out of the somber purple. Not only will you have fun mixing shades, but you will also have a ball choosing from a variety of flowers to get the desired effect. Blues are found in hydrangeas, hyacinths, delphiniums and even anemones while purple shades abound in tulips, roses and also hydrangeas. A completely contrasting color such as white will most definitely bring out the uniqueness of the blur-purple combo without stealing …

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Jericho and Christine

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Jericho and Christine were married last Nov. 22, 2014. Motif and Theme We chose aqua because we are both divers so we wanted something close to the ocean. We also wanted our wedding to be timeless and elegant. What were your fears prior to the wedding? How did you deal with it? I was really worried about the attendance of the guests. A week prior to the wedding and there are still a lot who have not confirmed their attendance or those who gave very vague answers as to whether they are coming or not. In the end, we just made a safe estimate for the caterer and stylist on how many attendees are confirmed plus a buffer table for contingency. Good thing we trusted the advise of our wedding planner.   Church: Notre Dame de Vie Chapel- Fernbrook Gardens We booked the venue one week after our engagement. I have nothing but good words to say about Fernbrook and how our account executive, Kaira, handled our account. Sobrang dali kausap. We brought our own priest, too (my husband’s high school classmate) and had no problems with the chapel. Wedding Planner/ Coordinator: The 3rd Party Wedding Planners With more than 15 years in …

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Jimmy Choo Launches Customized Bridal Shoes in the Philippines

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Brides gushing over Jimmy Choo shoes no longer need to fly out of the country to get these much-coveted shoes. An article from the Inquirer showed Jimmy Choo’s made-to-order bridal shoes service is now available in the Philippines. Brides can choose which style, material and color for her wedding shoes. In addition, she can personalize her pair with her own monogram or even date plaque for the wedding day. There are five styles to choose from: Anouk, Abel, Lance, Luna, and Cosmic. The service costs between P49,500 to as much as P400,000 depending on what the bride prefers. The service is available through Stores Specialists, Inc, which is the exclusive distributor of the brand in the country. Aside from the bride, mothers and the female members of the bridal entourage can also avail themselves of the bespoke service. Brides can place their orders at Jimmy Choo via Rustan’s Makati and Shangri-La Plaza Mall East.